Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Eating healthy food in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time to fast. It is an obligation for every Muslim to fast during this month. As per the rules given in the Quran a person is obligated to fast from dawn to dusk. So a person only takes two meals in an entire day. If you look at this in a scientific way it is not healthy to eat only two meals a day. Therefore in order to stay healthy it is necessary that we intake good nutritious food. It does not make a difference whether we eat twice or thrice a day, it is necessary that we eat healthy food.

At the time of Sehri we should have milk products so that the proteins and calcium required by our body should stay intact. Intake of fruits and cereals in the morning is healthy. It is essential that we should chew our food slowly as mentioned in the Sunnah by our Holy Prophet (PBUH). The intake of lots of water before we close our fast is essential. During the month of Ramadan the consumption of water becomes less, if not taken properly at the beginning of the fast will make us weak and we will lose our energy.

We should try and stay away from the sun in the month of Ramadan as it will make us weak and thirsty. Yes Ramadan is a time of self sacrifice but Allah has not asked us to die in the heat and torture ourselves.

At the Iftar time it is essential for each one to open our fast with water take a minute or two and then eat something light. Our body is not used to eating something heavy and oily in the first few days. People who only drink water and don’t eat anything after Iftar it is wrong. It will harm our body which can weaken you. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that you intake your meals. I would suggest all to eat light go for prayers and then come and eat for dinner in that way you will not harm yourself and you will stay healthy.

Remember eating healthy food will make you able to fast for the entire month of Ramadan or else you will weaken and not be fit to keep your fast. Therefore it is necessary to keep a healthy diet to stay fit for the entire month.

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Eating Healthy Food