Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 Days of Ramadan

God has gifted the month in which all ‘shieatien’ evils are been captured and mercy of God is appears for every one Muslims called this month the month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan has 30 days some time 29 days it depends on the sighting of moon. Muslims all around the world start fasting when they see the Ramadan moon and stop when they see the moon of shawal and prepare them self for EID_UL_FITR.

The month of Ramadan is divided into three parts which has different aspects in Islamic point of view these parts are called ‘ASHRA’ the first ashra is called the ‘ASHRA of REHMAT’ the second one is called ‘ASHRA of MUKHFIRAT’ and the last one is known as ‘ASHRA DOZAKH SY NIJJAT’ all these there Ashars have importance in Islamic point of view and Muslims all around the world pray in each Ashra.

This is mandatory on every Muslims to pray five time a day whether it is Ramadan or any other month but there is some special prayers which are arranged by Muslims in Ramadan and this prayer is called ‘TARAWHI’ in this prayer Muslims all round the world stand in front of ALLHA at the end of ‘ESHA PRAYER’ this prayer consist of ’20 rakats’ in which Muslims read Quran and pray to God to forgive them.

Ulemah give importance to reading of the Quran in Ramadan and stay awake in the nights of Ramadan especially in the last ASHRA of Ramadan, to find out the night which is better than 1000 nights, this night is known as LYLA_TUL_QADAR. Prophet Mohammad has clear words regarding the night that Prophet said ‘ In the month of Ramadan there is a night which is better then 1000 of nights so people find the night and ask forgiveness from God’.

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