Saturday, August 23, 2008

ramadan TV..

where i live in yafo there is a cafe near my house full of shisha pipes.. its the only arab cafe on the block of a predominantly israeli street..

its very smokey and always has a stack of guys hanging out the front.. the interior is bleaque and the walls are covered in murals of men with weapons.. honestly? not welcoming..

yesterday i walked past with my surf board on the way to catch a few waves and a young guy popped out and walked in the same direction and i asked him what the deal was with the militant murals.. he laughed and explained to me that they were characters out of a tv series.. a ramadan tv series.. he said that everytime that show was on the streets of his neighbourhood were empty.. everyone watches it he assured me.. i asked why they needed weapons and he told me that they were fictitious fighters along the borders of turkey and syria..

he promised that i too was welcome in the cafe and invited me to come by some time soon.. i shall definitely go soon.. such is the power of ramadan tv.. ;)

i look fwd to an awesome season of thoughts and inspirations.. wishing you all in advance ramadan kareem peace and love..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome Back

Another year gone by so fast, we are back again this year with more Ramadan feasts from all over. Ramadan is about to start all over the world in about 10 days and we hope to have our gathering alive by then. Welcome, welcome, whoever you are, where ever you are from, Ramadan Kareem blog is a gathering of people who gather every year to share their understanding and their views. It is a platform where we try to spread peace and harmony through sharing and understanding. Anyone interested in writing for this blog feel free to email ( and join as a contributor. Alternatively you can email your posts and photographs and I would be happy to post them for you. Wish you all a blessed Ramadan and hope to see you all at this year's "Online Iftars".