Thursday, June 02, 2011

To become angel like in Ramadan

If one tries to search for acquisition out of the causes of personal misfortunes and failures, on the basis of the final investigation one will get to know that a human is a package of assorted needs and a bound of tremendous wants. No religious, physical and concrete activity of his is liberal from desires and want. A person morality, is concerned with some extent to spirituality and when researched or looked into is based on some affection of need. Therefore all personal misfortunes and failures are basically the after effect of desires or want. If a human lets himself free of all needs again he becomes an adorable (angel like) instead of a human being.

After wiping out and abstinent from oneself of the self-made needs, maybe the accumulation of wants will compress and be confined to a couple of absolute main needs, such as food and drink, and if it is not accessible, therefore it be become difficult to survive. The religious and physical adaptation of the body depends alone on the life-breath which itself is based on a few pieces of food and a few sips of water. The accuracy is that from that point any balance in food and liquid is alone a admiration for boundless amusement and fun. On this account, if a boundary line is to be drawn creating a difference between human from an angel, this food and drink will be enough  to analyze the two and is the main basis of all the differences and distinctions among them. If all human sins are listed and if the main reason is of greed, avarice, abolition and assassination are sorted, the ultimate connection will be begin in the boundless admiration for pleasures and for these two things, namely food and water.

No hesitation about desires and wants of human beings are all-inclusive and endless, but it is an account of pondering of what and how abundant are his absolute needs. He has in his affection a collection of desires, an accumulation of wishes and self-made needs, but he has to ask himself questions whether it is accessible for him to live without new and extravagant clothes, expensive houses, luxurious and scrumptious foods and terrific cars. Will he be able to live if he is deprived of wealth, affectation and glory? There have been people who accept sacrifice of all their comforts and yet survive. Prophet Abraham and Adam, peace be upon them, were captivated and were living examples of God's best devoted people who gave up their kingship, and acquired an exulted religious life.

From this it is evidence it is clear that fasting has been made obligatory to work as a religious treatment. The object and purpose of fasting is self-control (Taqwa), i.e. to keep our desires under control and to keep oneself safe from emotional confusion.

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