Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spiritual benefits of Ramadan

Ramdan the religious month in iSLAM their are many benefits related to this month of fasting.The past experience has shown that effects of ibaadat (worship)in the blessed month of Ramadan remain upon the remainder of the year. Whom so ever practices any virtue informally there in, ease of performing A’amale Salihah overtakes them there after.

Similarly, whoever prevents them self from sinning there in, for the remaining eleven months abstention will become easy. In reality, prevention from sins in Ramadhan is not too difficult because, it is established that the Shayateen are imprisoned. Consequently, less sinning occurs generally because of removal of this stimulant.

However, sins do not totally disappear because the other orchestrator: one’s nafs (self) is present. Even in this month it will instigate sins but, yes, its schemes will lesson because only one stimulant is now active.

Therefore, the impositions of this one month should be accepted. All parts (of one’s body) should be saved from sin. During the religious practice in Ramadan the human nature can also be grow towards good deeds this is how the month of Ramadan make human out of sin and close to Allah. 

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Faisal Bashir said...

Ramadan is a month in Islamic calendar in which Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to dusk. This is considered a holy month by Muslims in which they are required to refrain from eating, smoking or drinking from sunrise to sunset.
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