Saturday, June 18, 2011

Importance of Ramadan in Muslim Life

Ramadan the blessed month, the month of Ramadan has an objective that this month has so much impotance in the life of muslims to explain lets have a Example, On a sweltering hot day your throat has become parched. You are in the privacy of your home and the refreshingly cool water is within hand’s reach. You desire to drink it, but you do not. Why? Simply because you are fasting and while fasting you cannot eat and drink.

If somebody prompts you to nevertheless drink it and says: “Nobody is watching,” you will immediately tell him no one is watching: “But Allah is watching!”


Subhanallah! Allah Ta’ala is watching. Allahu Akbar! Allah Ta’ala is All Hearing, All Knowing, He is present every where . He sees and knows when we cheat while fasting, thus we resist all temptations of food, drink and lawful conjugal relations from dawn to dusk.In Islam We have learnt the lesson of Taqwa.

We have learnt that lesson which the fasting was meant to teach us. Allah Ta’ala is watching! Yes, Allah Ta’ala is Watching! Every time there is an urge to eat or drink while fasting, the voice from within our heart cries out: “Allah Ta’ala is watching!” Dozens of times daily for an entire month this reality is reaffirmed. Allah Ta’ala is watching.

So deeply is it embedded in the heart that by the time Ramadan is over, a person becomes conscious of Allah Ta’ala to such an extent that he is now guided by an inner force that propels him in the direction of righteousness and turns him away from sin.

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