Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Idea of Ramadan

As we know that fasting is a virtue. It is easy to fast for 30 days with a striving mind and heart. Ramadan means sacrificing something that is essential for every human being food and water. It makes us realize how the poor stricken people survive without meals for hours. It is a time for giving to the poor in the form of Zakat. Ramadan also allows us to teat and examine our abilities to face difficult times. Allah is All Powerful and has every right to test his people. This is the month important month in the Islamic Calendar. It signifies the important of the Quran being sent down to us on earth from heaven.

Ramadan teaches us how to give and share with one another. At times people become selfish and only think about themselves. This month even the most selfish people change and sacrifice and give to the poor. This month has a lot of power as prayers are heard thrice more than what you have prayed for. It is a blessing if you read the Quran regularly in this month. Our holy Prophet (PBUH) has guided us what to do in Ramadan in the Sunnah.

It is essential that we follow the rules given o us for fasting during this month. We should all eat together so that a bounding is created between the families. We should prepare for the celebrations after the 30 days of fasting which is known as Eid. Ramadan is a blessing and an opportunity that Allah has bestowed on every Muslim. We should recite our namaz regularly in this holy month so that we can receives Allah’s forgiveness and taken up to Jannat. The one thing I like about Ramadan is that people share no matter if they have less. 

The only misconception is that people focus themselves more on shopping, what to make for Iftar, what clothes to wear for Eid. We lose the main idea of Ramadan that is getting closer to Allah. The only way we can build our relationship with Allah is praying and abiding the rules given to us for fasting. Therefore my humble request to all is that do not move away from the ultimate goal is closeness with Allah that is the only means of our reaching to Jannat and leading an extraordinary after life with him. So this Ramadan make it a point to focus on praying and fasting more than celebrating Eid.

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