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Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

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Hadith - Al-Tirmidhi #2102, Narrated Anas ibn Malik; Ubayy ibn Ka'b

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was accustomed to engage in private devotion in the mosque during the last ten nights of Ramadan; but one year he sallallahu alaihi wasallam omitted it and he engaged in it for twenty nights the next year.

[Tirmidhi transmitted it, and AbuDawud and Ibn Majah transmitted it from Ubayy ibn Ka'b.]

Hadith - Al-Tirmidhi #2107, Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar [Ibn Majah transmitted it.]

When the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam observed a period of private devotion in the mosque, his bedding was placed for him, or a couch was put down for him, behind the column of repentance.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Number of Tarawih Rakat

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According to Sheikh al-Albani:

The Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam) did not pray more than eleven rak'at for qiyam (thirteen if we count the two short introductory rak'at).

'Umar (r.a.) commanded Ubayy Bin Ka'b (r.a.) and Tamim ad-Dari (r.a.) to lead the people in tarawih with eleven rak'at, in accordance with the authentic Sunnah.

All reports that the people at the time of 'Umar (r.a.), or any of the noble sahabah, prayed twenty rak'at are unauthentic and contradict the truly established reports. Similarly, all claims that the sahabah (r.a.) have made an ijma' (consensus) to pray twenty rak'at are baseless.

Even if a weak report were considered authentic by some people, one should still follow the well established authentic report, because it agrees with the number established in the Sunnah. One may not desert the Sunnah for anybody's understanding or practice.

With our certitude that the Prophet's (saaws) consistent practice is the best, it becomes obvious that one should adhere to the number established in the Sunnah, and refrain from adding to it. This has been the position of many 'ulama.

And even if we concede to the often misquoted and misunderstood statement that, "There are good innovations," we must adhere to the consensus among the scholars that following Sunnah is better that any innovation. 'Abdullah Bin Mas'ud (r.a.) said: "Doing little according to the Sunnah is better than doing much in way of bid'ah." [Authentic report recorded by ad-Darimi, al-Bayhaqi, and al-Hakim. The latter verified it to be authentic - to which ath-Thahabi agreed.]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Originally Persian. This is a very delicious and rich dessert. I prefer to use sukary dates which are soft and sweet. The soft exterior goes perfect with the crunch inside and the topping is a perfect mix to tune down the sweet taste of the dates. Arabs love to have this dish with Arabic coffee to sugar the taste. This dessert is usually served in a large baking dish however I think its much more elegant to serve in individual small baking dishes. Make sure your dishes are oven proof.

1 cup all purpose flour
3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 teaspoons ground cardamom
24 fresh dates, stoned
12 walnuts, cut into half
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts, almonds or pistachios
dash ground cardamom

1. Pre-heat oven to 350. Place a walnut half inside of each date. Carefully arrange in 1 large baking dish or several small ones. Bake for 15 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, In a saute pan on low heat add flour. Stir until color turns beige and a delicate aroma arises. Avoid burning flour. Make a well in the middle of the flour and add butter and 2 teaspoons of cardamom. Whisk continuously until mixture is well combined.

3. Carefully pour mixture over prepared baked dates. Sprinkle top with chopped nuts and cardamom.

Yields: 6 servings

Noor is the author of Ya Salam Cooking

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Applying perfume while fasting

Is it permissible to wash the body with water and soap during the day of Ramadan? Does having a wet dream invalidate Sawm (Fast)? Also, does applying perfume invalidate Sawm?

Firstly: It is permissible for the fasting person to wash their body during the day of Ramadan with water and soap. Secondly: If someone has a wet dream during the day of Ramadan while fasting, this does not invalidate their Sawm; but they should perform Ghusl (ritual bath following major ritual impurity) if Maniy (sperm/vaginal secretions) is ejaculated. Thirdly: Sawm is not invalidated by applying any kind of perfume during the day of Ramadan while fasting, but one should not inhale incense or powdered perfumes such as musk.

May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions!

Adapted from Alifta

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Donation for Computer Institute

An NGO in Lahore Pakistan is establishing a job training center for the underprivileged and is in desperate need for 30 Computers. The average cost for these used computers is roughly $80 each. If anyone is interested in donating computers or sponsoring computers for this worthy cause feel free to email me at

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under his olive tree..

fellow blogger ali dahmash has organised a wonderful ramadan event for orphans in amman.. i urge you all to visit the facebook page of this event and support it as you see fit..

Hamilton Canada Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

Ramadan Kareem to all our readers from all over the world. This year Ramadan will be starting from Monday the 1st of August in most parts of the world and some countries will have the month beginning on the 2nd of August depending on the sighting of the Ramadan moon.We wish everyone a very blessed holy month.

Find below a timetable for Ramadan 2011 for Sehr and Iftaar timings in Hamilton, Canada.

Abottabad Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

Ramadan Kareem to everyone visiting our Page, please go through our archives for 100's of articles related to Ramadan. Below please find a timetable for Ramadan 2011 Sehr and Iftaar Timings for the City of Abottabad in Pakistan.

Sialkot Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

We wish all our readers a very happy Ramadan, may you all have a fulfilling Ramadan and may all our prayers be answered in this holy month of Allah. Following please find a timetable for Ramadan 2011 Sehr and Iftaar timings for the city of Sialkot in Pakistan.

Multan Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

Ramadan is upon us and this is the month of worship for all muslims, it is a month where all our sins are forgiven if we seek forgiveness sincerely. May Allah accept our worship and fasts this Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem to everyone all over the world.

Below find Ramadan 2011 timetable with times for Sehr and Iftaar for the city of Multan in Pakistan.

Peshawar Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

A very blessed holy month for all our viewers in the City of Peshawar in Pakistan, May you have a very fulfilling Ramadan and may there be peace all over the world. Following find a timetable for the month of Ramadan 2011 for Sehr and Iftaar Timings in the city of Peshawar.

Hyderabad Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

Wishing you all a very blessed Ramadan Kareem. May all your prayers be fulfilled in this holy month and may we all have the strength and devotion to fulfil our religious obligation in this blessed month for all Muslims. Find below the Ramadan timetable for the City of Hyderabad in Pakistan for Ramadan 2011.

Muzzafarabad Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

Following you will find the timetable for the month of Ramadan 2011 for Muzzafarabad AJK. Wishing you all a very happy Ramadan full of blessing and joy.

Sargodha Ramadan 2011 Sehr and Iftaar Timings

A very blessed Ramadan to all our visitors from Sargodha, Please find below timetable for the month of Ramadan 2011 for Sargodha with timings for Sehr and Iftaar for the holy month.

Gujranwala Ramadan 2011 Sehr and Iftaar Timings

Ramadan kareem to everyone from all over the world, find below Ramadan timetable for Sehr and Iftaar for the month of Ramadan 20011 in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Sahiwal 2011 Ramadan Sehr and Iftaar Timings

Following please find Iftaar and Seher Timings for the city of Sahiwal in Pakistan. Ramadan Kareem to all our visitors.

Sukkur Ramadan 2011 Sehr and Iftaar Timing

Wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed Ramadan. Find below the Sehr and Iftaar Timetable for the city of Sukkur, in Pakistan for Ramadan Kareem 2011.

Jehlum Sehr & Iftaar Timing Ramadan 2011

Wishing all the muslims around the world Ramadan Kareem, may Allah's blessings be with all of you in this holy month and may we have the strength to fulfil all our religious obligations during Ramadan. People from all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset during the holy month as commanded by Allah, here we have compiled a timetable for the city of Jehlum for sehr and iftaar timings for the Ramadan of 2011.

Faisalabad Ramadan 2011 Sehr and Iftar Timings

Ramadan is starting from Monday August 1st 2011 in most of the world, so wish you all a very happy and blessed Ramadan . Below you will find Sehr and Iftaar times for the City of Faisalabad in Pakistan for the Ramadan 2011. May all our prayers be answered and may we be able to fulfil our religious obligations in this holy Month.

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2011 Ramadan Timetable for Chendgu China

Fasting has been made Mandatory for Muslims by Allah Almighty as he says in the Quran.’’O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you,that ye may (learn) self-restraint [Quran: Chapter 2:183]’’

Like other parts of the world many Muslims call Chengdu in China their home and reside and work here, for these Muslim brothers and sisters we have tried to compile a timetable with the times for Seher and Iftar during the month of Ramadan in the year 2011. The sehar and Iftar timing for Chengdu, China are stated below.

Ramadan 2011 Timetable Nanjing China

The Ramadan timings for sehar and iftar vary from place to place. It is almost impossible to provide timings information about each and every place or city with accuracy. The timing of Suhar and Iftar for Nanjing, CHINA are stated below. Like other parts of the world many Muslims reside in this city of china and we have made an effort to try to find accurate times for Seher and Iftar for our Muslim brothers and sisters observing Ramadan in this part of the world. May our prayers be answered this Ramadan.

Ramadan 2011 Seher & Iftar Timings Rawalpindi /Islamabad

Ramadan is celebrated all over the world, Muslims from around the world fast during the month of Ramadan Kareem from sunrise to sunset as commanded by Allah and His messenger. Our Muslim brothers and sisters from Islamabad and Rawalpindi will  be observing Ramadan this year from either Tuesday the 2nd of August or Wednesday the 3rd of august 2011. Following we have made a timetable for people living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi stating times for Seher and Iftaar During the Holy Month of Ramadan.

London UK Ramadan 2011 Sehar & Iftar Timings

Ramadan is the month of blessing this is the month in which Allah Almighty forgives every sin of those who ask forgiveness from the depth of their hearts. London in the United Kingdom is a city like many others around the world that is home to numerous people of the Islamic faith and these devout muslims spend the holy month of Ramadan in worship of God and Fast from sunrise to sunset as commanded by their religion. Here we have made an effort to provide the timings of suhar and iftar in London for Ramadan 2011. Wish you all a very blessed Ramadan full of Joy and blessing of Allah.

Ramadan 2011 Suhar and Iftar Timings Doha, Qatar

Ramadan is observed around the world during the 9th lunar month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast around the world from sunrise to sunset in their particular countries. The duration of the fast varies from place to place depending on the length of the day. For our site visitors we have tried to collect the timings for the fast for several cities around the world. The Suhar and Iftar timing for Doha, Qatar are stated below.

Fasting has been made Mandatory for Muslims by Allah Almighty as he says in Quran."O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you,that ye may (learn) self-restraint" [Quran: Chapter 2:183]

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ramadan Timing of Suhar and Iftar in Quetta 2011

Ramadan is the month of mercy, Allah said in holy Quran ‘O Believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you so that you may become pious.’ Its mean fasting is a mandatory action for all adults Muslims across the world in the month of Ramadan. The suhar and iftar timing in Quetta city are stated below.
Sehar-o-Iftar Timings Quetta, Pakistan
Ramadan-al-Mubarak 1432 AH (August-2011)
D   A   T   E                                              Time UTC+5 (PST)
Universal/Gregorian/Solar                     Islamic/Hijri/Lunar                 Sehar              Iftar
02-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     01-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:19 AM                07:28 PM
03-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 02-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:20 AM                07:27 PM
04-August-2011 (Thursday)                    03-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:21 AM                07:26 PM
05-August-2011 (Friday)                     04-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:21 AM                07:25 PM
06-August-2011 (Saturday)                     05-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:22 AM                 07:24 PM
07-August-2011 (Sunday)                       06-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:23 AM                 07:23 PM
08-August-2011 (Monday)                     07-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:24 AM                 07:23 PM
09-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     08-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:25 AM                 07:22 PM
10-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 09-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:26 AM                07:21 PM
11-August-2011 (Thursday)                    10-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:27 AM                07:20 PM
12-August-2011 (Friday)                     11-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:28 AM               07:19 PM
13-August-2011 (Saturday)                     12-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:28 AM                07:18 PM
14-August-2011 (Sunday)                       13-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:29 AM                07:17 PM
15-August-2011 (Monday)                     14-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:30 AM                07:16 PM
16-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     15-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:31 AM                07:15 PM
17-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 16-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:32 AM               07:14 PM
18-August-2011 (Thursday)                    17-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:33 AM               07:13 PM
19-August-2011 (Friday)                     18-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:33 AM              07:12 PM
20-August-2011 (Saturday)                     19-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:34 AM               07:11 PM
21-August-2011 (Sunday)                       20-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:35 AM               07:10 PM
22-August-2011 (Monday)                      21-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:36 AM              07:09 PM
23-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     22-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:37 AM               07:08 PM
24-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 23-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:37 AM               07:06 PM
25-August-2011 (Thursday)                    24-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:38 AM               07:05 PM
26-August-2011 (Friday)                      25-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:39 AM             07:04 PM
27-August-2011 (Saturday)                     26-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:40 AM               07:03 PM
28-August-2011 (Sunday)                       27-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:40 AM               07:02 PM
29-August-2011 (Monday)                     28-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:41 AM               07:01 PM
30-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     29-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:42 AM               06:59 PM
31-August-2011 (Wednesday)                30-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:43 AM               06:58 PM

May Allah give us strength to worship Allah Almighty in the holy month of Ramadan.

2011 Ramadan Timing of Suhar and Iftar in Karachi

The holiest month of Ramadan is coming and is expected to start on 2nd of August 2011. All Muslims across the world are waiting for the holy month to get the blessings of Allah Almighty. The Timing of Suhar and Iftar in Karachi are stated below.

Ramadan-al-Mubarak 1432 AH (August-2011).

D   A   T   E                   Time UTC+5 (PST)

Universal/Gregorian/Solar         Islamic/Hijri/Lunar         Sehar Iftar
02-August-2011 (Tuesday)  01-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:34 AM 07:19 PM
03-August-2011 (Wednesday) 02-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:34 AM 07:18 PM
04-August-2011 (Thursday) 03-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:35 AM 07:18 PM
05-August-2011 (Friday) 04-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:36 AM 07:17 PM
06-August-2011 (Saturday) 05-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:36 AM 07:16 PM
07-August-2011 (Sunday)         06-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:37 AM 07:16 PM
08-August-2011 (Monday)  07-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:38 AM 07:15 PM
09-August-2011 (Tuesday)         08-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:38 AM 07:14 PM
10-August-2011 (Wednesday) 09-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:39 AM 07:13 PM
11-August-2011 (Thursday) 10-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:40 AM 07:13 PM
12-August-2011 (Friday) 11-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:40 AM 07:12 PM
13-August-2011 (Saturday) 12-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:41 AM 07:11 PM
14-August-2011 (Sunday)         13-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:42 AM 07:10 PM
15-August-2011 (Monday)         14-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:42 AM 07:09 PM   
16-August-2011 (Tuesday ) 15-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:43 AM 07:08 PM
17-August-2011 (Wednesday) 16-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:43 AM 07:08 PM
18-August-2011 (Thursday) 17-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:44 AM 07:07 PM
19-August-2011 (Friday) 18-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:45 AM 07:06 PM
20-August-2011 (Saturday) 19-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:45 AM 07:05 PM
21-August-2011 (Sunday)    20-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:46 AM 07:04 PM
22-August-2011 (Monday)  21-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:46 AM 07:03 PM
23-August-2011 (Tuesday)         22-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:47 AM 07:02 PM
24-August-2011 (Wednesday) 23-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:48 AM 07:01 PM
25-August-2011 (Thursday) 24-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:48 AM 07:00 PM
26-August-2011 (Friday) 25-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:49 AM 06:59 PM
27-August-2011 (Saturday) 26-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:49 AM 06:58 PM
28-August-2011 (Sunday)         27-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:50 AM 06:57 PM
29-August-2011 (Monday)         28-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:50 AM 06:56 PM
30-August-2011 (Tuesday)         29-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:51 AM 06:55 PM
31-August-2011 (Wednesday) 30-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:51 AM 06:54 PM

May you have healthy and peaceful Ramadan.

Sehar & Iftar Timing Lahore Ramadan 2011

Ramadan is the month of blessing this is the month in which Allah Almighty forgive every sin of those who ask forgiveness from the depth of their hearts. The timing of suhar and iftar in Lahore city is stated below.

Sehar-o-Iftar Timings Lahore, Pakistan
Ramadan-al-Mubarak 1432 AH (August-2011)

D   A   T   E                                                                                                    Time UTC+5 (PST)
Universal/Gregorian/Solar               Islamic/Hijri/Lunar               Sehar              Iftar
02-August-2011 (Tuesday)                01-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:46 AM        07:01 PM
03-August-2011 (Wednesday)          02-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:46 AM        07:00 PM
04-August-2011 (Thursday)              03-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:47 AM        06:59 PM
05-August-2011 (Friday)                  04-Ramadan-1432 AH         03:48 AM       06:58 PM
06-August-2011 (Saturday)                05-Ramadan-1432 AH          03:49 AM        06:57 PM
07-August-2011 (Sunday)                  06-Ramadan-1432 AH          03:50 AM        06:56 PM
08-August-2011 (Monday)                07-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:51 AM        06:55 PM
09-August-2011 (Tuesday)                08-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:52 AM        06:54 PM
10-August-2011 (Wednesday)          09-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:53 AM        06:53 PM
11-August-2011 (Thursday)              10-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:54 AM        06:52 PM
12-August-2011 (Friday)                  11-Ramadan-1432 AH         03:55 AM       06:51 PM
13-August-2011 (Saturday)               12-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:56 AM        06:50 PM
14-August-2011 (Sunday)                 13-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:57 AM        06:49 PM
15-August-2011 (Monday)                14-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:57 AM        06:48 PM
16-August-2011 (Tuesday)                15-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:58 AM        06:47 PM
17-August-2011 (Wednesday)          16-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:59 AM        06:46 PM
18-August-2011 (Thursday)              17-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:00 AM        06:45 PM
19-August-2011 (Friday)                  18-Ramadan-1432 AH         04:01 AM       06:44 PM
20-August-2011 (Saturday)               19-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:02 AM        06:43 PM
21-August-2011 (Sunday)                 20-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:03 AM        06:42 PM
22-August-2011 (Monday)               21-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:04 AM        06:41 PM
23-August-2011 (Tuesday)               22-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:04 AM        06:40 PM
24-August-2011 (Wednesday)         23-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:05 AM        06:39 PM
25-August-2011 (Thursday)             24-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:06 AM        06:37 PM
26-August-2011 (Friday)                 25-Ramadan-1432 AH         04:07 AM       06:36 PM
27-August-2011 (Saturday)              26-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:08 AM        06:35 PM
28-August-2011 (Sunday)                27-Ramadan-1432 AH            04:09 AM        06:34 PM
29-August-2011 (Monday)               28-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:09 AM        06:33 PM
30-August-2011 (Tuesday)               29-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:10 AM        06:31 PM
31-August-2011 (Wednesday)         30-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:11 AM        06:30 PM

May Allah Almighty forgive all our sins in the up coming month of Ramadan.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Organizing time in Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and all of us are preparing for the spiritual month of Ramadan, so here are some suggestions which will help you in organizing your work during fasting. Many of us have a perception that the month of Ramadan is quit demanding and it requires a lot of energy so therefore it will be nice if they reduce many of activity and projects so that they can concentrate on the holy month of Ramadan, let me tell you this my friends there is a simple schedule to spend your month of Ramadan and do all your work which you do in your normal life.

These are the steps which can tell you how to make your schedule in the holy month of Ramadan.

Sleep Well:
It is mandatory to attend the tarawih not in Islam but it is the part of Ramadan so it is important to attend the prayer tarawih. So if you come back from tarawih at 10:00 or 10:30 pm try to sleep as early as possible in order to wake up early in the morning to eat a meal of sahur because it was the sunnah of Prophet (pbuh) to eat something before having a fast. One can go to sleep after fajir if you wish otherwise it would be better to close your eyes in afternoon.

Manage your time wisely:
To manage your time and work it is important to have a list of most important works of your day with their durations, for that you have to make a list of your every day work on priority basis. Make your most important phone calls early as you can catch people early at their desks and your work will not stop.

Manage your Energy wisely:
A person will be best in fasting if they control their anger, because anger can harm the core objective of fasting. Fasting teaches discipline and how to control yourself in different situations. It constantly reminds the individual of continuous abstinence and observance. Therefore, since the body stores different components of energy, it needs to be functioning according to what it can take during the hours from Fajr till Maghrib.

While managing your time, make sure that you do the most demanding jobs or activities early in the morning without exhausting yourself. Rest in between different tasks and breathe in enough oxygen at all times. As we know that most of the stress is caused by less breathing and more worry and unrest of a person so it is mandatory for everyone to control their anger and remain cool during fasting.            

How to train a kid for Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of mercy and blessings there are many aspects of Ramadan like, fasting, prayers, moral values, charity and family with all these aspects, this is the month to train our kids whether they are your own kids or kids whom you teach. To educate and train a person is not a easy thing specially if we talk about children. Children don’t bring empty minds they ask question which should be answered by their elders. The process of training requires efforts, energy and a few of techniques to take it off.

According to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) “No father has given a greater gift to his children than good moral training.” (Tirmidhi)  

So here are some training tips which we need to follow while we train kids.

1. Let them get their hands dirty:
According to one philosopher “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Herbert Spencer. We know that children learn by doing according to Brunmer, Jerome.   Students retain 75% of a lesson when they learn through hands-on activities compared to 5% through a lecture or 10% through reading.
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to bring his grandchildren Hassan and Hussein to the mosque as toddlers before they knew how to pray.
Hence a concept becomes real and acceptable for children only when they experience anything rather than only reading.

2. Involve their Emotions:
We know that children are emotional they take everything emotionally and get involved emotionally in everything they do. They really want to leave it as we can see video games tv shows targets the emotions of children and to be a teacher or a trainer we can also use the same technique  for training.

2. Reveal the Purpose:
It is very important to tie a reward on every exercise which they do, we often hear students complain why should we do this? And we simple answer them because you have to do this. So this is the attitude which make the motivation level of a child zero and he will not do his work properly so to make a child do work properly you need to tie a reward on every action of a child.

Excessive competition and comparison can often result in helplessness and lack of motivation for children who learn in different ways or at a slower pace. Allow children to judge their own progress and compare themselves to their former level rather than that of others.

Make this Ramadan the beginning of a memorable and long-lasting training experience for you and your children!  

Ramadan makes your family unit

Being a Muslim it is our duty to follow all the aspects and teachings of Islam which we got from the Qur'an and those we learn from the hadith of Prophet(pbuh). The Qur'an and hadith teach us how to behave with our family and teaches us the norms and rules which every person need follow being a member of a family.

In Today’s fast and global world we have easily neglect all the requirements of a family and neglected to think about the needs of family and our rule in a family, after all, who can cope with our fluctuating temperaments as we struggle to cope with certain daily issues that come to test us? Misunderstandings ensue when we get all too caught up with the need to provide, the need to learn, and the desire for better, causing us to fall from the grace of our loved ones.

Without realizing it, family members become strangers to each other, slowly growing apart. Our homes become hotels where we just come to visit, all of those things develop because we are not putting any efforts and time to be together, Ramadan is the month which make all the family members tied and it is only Ramadan in which most of us will sit together to have a meal whether it is the meal of sahur or the meal of iftar.

Ramadan is the month in which all of us will sit together and this is time when all the members of family sit accordingly and this is the time in which children gets benefits with keeping touch with their family like aunts, uncles and cousins and particularly grandparents. We know that everyone wants give love to their grandparents but because of the schedule they can’t make it, but Ramadan is the month which offer you a opportunity to love ones grandparents give love and show attraction towards children of the house and all these joys are there because of the holy month of Ramadan.

According to one philosopher “A family grows stronger and closer with acceptance of one another, respect of differences, open and accurate communication, assertive and non-aggressive expression of emotions, love, freedom and space to grow, trust, time and effort invested, and the will to make it work.”

Enjoy the spiritual month of Ramadan with your family.    

The Pleasure of Ramadan

Ramadan the month which make every person happy and the joy that millions of us will feel happy when the month of Ramadan comes, those who are not Muslim can not imagine what Ramadan is really like. For them it must seem like a severe diet that lasts for a month. How, they say, can people look forward to going without food and drink between dawn and sunset for a whole month? Yes that Muslim who do, we Muslim look forward to whole year for the month of happiness, the month in which Allah him self asked us about our needs and fulfill those needs with his mercy. Muslims wait for whole year and prepare them for the month of mercy to fast.

The reason behind this is very simple, Muslims have been commanded by Allah to do so. According to the holy Quran O ye who believe. Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed to those before you. That ye may (learn) self-restraint.] (Al-Baqarah 2:183) The fast is done only for the sake of Allah Almighty, the happiness and the joy which a fast bring can not be describe in words and the rewards of doing fast for the sake of Allah is clearly defined and that is HEAVEN  jannah.

For Muslims Ramadan is the month to make another beginning to obey the orders of Allah and his prophet (pbuh). This is the month to set ones priorities to come back to the religion after doing so much sin to ask the forginess to Allah Almighty to start a life as per the teaching of prophet(pbuh) to be faithful to prayers, to recite the Qur’an, to give thanks at all times to Allah for His goodness.

When each day fast is over it brings nice joy on the face of every Muslim and they thank Allah for keeping them alive to see the spiritual month of Ramadan, it is the time when Muslims all over the world share achievements and being a Muslim they fast for the sake of Allah and will only end the fast with the name of Allah when the Muezzin announce that it is the time to end the fast by the name of Allah Almighty. Radios will be turned on in anticipation of the call to Prayer. Throats thirsting for water will eagerly await the cry of “Allahu Akbar” to end the day’s fast.

The Objective of Muslims in Ramadan

Ramadan the holy month and the month in which Allah asks to his Sinful persons to get forgiveness and mercy through the grace of Allah Almighty. As we know that in every deed we people do in our life their should have a goal and a result of the thing we do and all we want to achieve the goal in a positive manner because we want our selves to be successful in our lives. This is for the whole humanity but for Muslims it is more important then the people of other religion because as a Muslim we have a belief that we have to give the answers of our act to Allah on the MAHSHAHER or the judgment day.

So based on this every true Muslim should have an objective for their whole life and their individual deeds during every minute that they stay on earth, we know that Allah Almighty designed and created the humanity to fulfill the objective for which they were originally created, which is defined by Allah Almighty in the holy Quran.
[And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone). I seek not any provision from them (i.e. provision for themselves or for My creatures) nor do I ask that they should feed Me (i.e. feed themselves or My creatures).] (Adh-Dhariyat 51:56-57)

So for Muslims Allah Almighty gives another chance to come back to the religion and live their life as describe by the Prophet(pbuh) and Ramadan is the month in which Muslims get such opportunity to come back to Allah obey his order and ask for his mercy. Let your self to set some objective in the month of Ramadan and make sure that you will abstain your self from sin. These are some suggestion in order to the real objective in Ramadan.Let your objective this Ramadan be that you abstain from all that is prohibited for you by Allah. So do not cheat or lie or backbite or usurp others’ properties or gaze at what Allah has prohibited (the opposite sex). It is well-known that fasting is of three degrees:

1. Abstaining from food, drink, and intimate intercourse.

2. Keeping your ears, eyes, tongue, hands, and feet, and all other bodily organs free from sins.

3. Avoiding occupying your heart with unworthy concerns and worldly thoughts, and upholding nothing in your heart but Allah the Almighty.

So, what holds you back from drawing nearer to Allah and being one of those very few people who observe fasting of that third and special degree? So make your self ready for the Ramadan and try to follow all those practice which make Allah Almighty happy.

The Purpose of Fasting

There are some reason behind every deed of a person every work which a person does and there are two component behind it one is the purpose for which a work is done and the second thing is a particular shape of that work which is chosen to achieve that purpose for example, lets take ones food we eat because we want to live our life healthy there is a defined method of eating meal first you take a morsel and put it in to your mouth, then you masticate it and push it below the throat. This method was adpote by you because this is most effective method to achieve your object but we know that the mean thing was the purpose for which the food has taken and not the form and procedure of this action What will you say if anybody were to make a morsel of saw-dust or cinder or mud, put it in his mouth, chew and gulp it? You will say only this that his brain is out of order. Why? Because this idiot did not understand the real purpose of eating and is suffering form the misunderstanding that only the aforesaid four component acts constitute eating. Likewise, you will call that person also mad who soon after taking the food vomits it by thrusting his fingers into his throat then complains that the benefits said to accrue from taking food have not been availed of by him and that, contrarily, he is daily getting lean and is on the verge of death. This fool blames the food for his growing weakness little realizing that it is due to his own stupidity.

know same case which we discussed above apply it on our fasting if we think that by going to all these four process of eating we have obtain our purpose of eating and we should have the benefit of all eating irrespective of whether he pushed down in his stomach mud and stone, or vomited the bread soon after eating it. The big mistake which we do in the month of Ramadan is we obey all the orders of Allah we fats for a whole day we apply prayer at the time of prayer and then we think that we completed our responsibility and know we will get the benefit but have we ever think that only having fast and applying prayer is the only thing and the only purpose of Ramadan? If you have a little sense then tell me how a man who is fasting and is thus engaged in the ‘Ibadat’ of Allah from morning till evening, can in the midst of that ‘Ibadat’ utter a lie and indulge in backbiting? Why does he quarrel at the slightest pretext and utter abuses from his mouth? How dare he encroach on other people’s rights? How does he indulge in acquiring illicit money and giving money to others illicitly? And having done all these thing, he still thinks that he has performed ‘Ibadat’ of Allah? Does this not resemble the work of that person who eats cinder and mud and thinks that by merely completing the four requirements of eating he has actually done the job of eating.Again Freedom From Restrictions After Ramadan.

we have to understand the real aim of fasting and by the grace of Allah his messenger has pointed out real aims of fasting according to one hadith of prophet (pbuh) "Whoever did not give up lying and practicing falsehood, Allah is in no need of his giving up food and water". In another Hadith he said : "Many are the fasters whose fasting does not bring them anything except hunger and thirst and many are those who keep standing in the night but their standing does not bring anything except being awake in the night". To understand the real purpose and aim of fasting we have to understand the hadith of prophet (pbuh) and live our life with the teaching of Islam.

The Month to Forgive Others

Ramadan is the month in which Allah Almighty forgives humans and those sinful persons who neglected the orders of Allah. This month means to be forgiveness and those who forgive other human in the spiritual month Allah has many reward for them and apply mercy on them.

Once the holy Prophet(PBUH) said  Musa, the son of Imran once asked, "Oh my Lord! Who is the most honorable of Your servants? And He replied, the person who forgives even when he is in a position of power" (Baihaqi). Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet.

So from this hadith we can imagine what forgiveness mean in the holy month of Ramadan, remember those time when you get in to argument with some one and when you know that your position is right but you have been neglected and insulted with rudeness and then you chose to hold a grudge, after all you have a right to, how can they treat you like this, why would you forgive? You were right on your saying and on your position so why should you forgive those who insulted you.

That’s what you would say and you may be right and you may be in position of power mentioned in hadith above, but you need to know that forgiving other (apart from those who hurt one physically) you should forgive them to become close to Allah and his mercy . How can we move up the ladder of spiritual development when we hold bitterness and anger towards another person? While we may have been in the right, is it worth sacrificing our energy on a grudge instead of on growth?

Is there not something strange about asking for God's forgiveness of our sins while withholding our forgiveness from someone who has hurt us? So remember one of the most important part of Ramadan is forging fellow human beings in the holy month so Allah forgive you for your mistake and sin which you have done, according to Prophet's hadith Ramadan is a month whose beginning is Mercy, whose middle is Forgiveness and whose end is freedom from the Hellfire. This makes it a great time to ask God for His Forgiveness. It's also a wonderful time to open our hearts and cleanse them of grudges and bitterness by forgiving others.

We have to understand that the part of getting Allah and his mercy is always paved with tests and difficulty no one can gain spiritual uplifting without proving their mettle this practice include facing all type of hardship including injustice at the hands of others.