Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mistakes to be avoided during Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims when we fast from sunrise to sunset. There is a strict code of conduct during Ramadan which needs to be followed, and there are mistakes that are common but should be avoided during Ramadan. This article points some common mistakes that people make during Ramadan that should be avoided.

  • Food becomes the center of attraction during the month of Ramadan to the extent that people begin to worry about eating more than Fasting. This becomes so important that people have Iftar parties and spend a lot of money on food that is not required.
  • Preparation for sehri is done way ahead in advance before Fajr. At times people eat a few hours after Taraweeh or Isha Salah which is wrong. Sehri is supposed to be eaten before Fajr.
  • People don’t make Niyyah (intentions) during the month of Ramadan to fast and pray. This is something which is done in one’s heart, it need not to be disclosed verbally and announced. It is also done only once, at the beginning of the holy month.
  • If you get to know later that Ramadan has started you should keep the fast by refraining yourselves from food and water and fast for the day.
  • Many people do not consider praying for Taraweeh on the first night Ramadan. It is a norm that you go for Taraweeh prayers the night you fast. They forget that in the Islamic calendar, the day changes after Maghrib.
  • Some people believe that if someone eats of drinks something by mistake the fast is broke. Here is good news you need not to worry as you can continue the fast if broken accidently and you do not have to fast for another day.
  • Some people believe that if you see someone, or eating do not drink, do not forget that the person he / she is fasting. According to Sheikh Bin Baz (RA), this is wrong and is a to devote to God for the good and forbid evil. So we tell people, because the non-evil way.
  • Many females believe that Mehndi is prohibited in Ramadan. But this is an old fashioned belief, it is not wrong to apply Mehndi during Ramadan.
  • Most people will disagree with this but tasting the salt or spices while cooking does not break our fast. Islam has allowed that as long as the food is not eaten by the person his fast remains intact.
  • People believe that it is forbidden to use a miswak or toothbrush during Ramadan. This is incorrect, as Miswak was used by the Prophet (saw) during Ramadan.
  • Some people have the concept of making the Fajr Adhan before time. They think by doing this they can stop the people from eating and continuing the fast. But this is a wrong practice and should not encourage it.
  • Some people have the concept of making the Maghrib Adhan after time. They think that if incase Maghrib is late then the people will eat slowly. This too is wrong and should not do.
  • Some people have the concept that you cannot lay with your spouse in Ramadan. It is wrong during the day but it is legal between Maghreb and Fajr.

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