Thursday, June 02, 2011

Losing Weight in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan brings a lot of blessings with it. We know that this is a holy month and Allah is so gracious during this month. You know Ramadan bring something very important, weight loss. There are so many times those who are bulky thing, let’s make a resolution we will lose weight. But nothing can be done the resolution is down the drains within hours. Ramadan gives us to lose weight it’s a blessing for those who wish to lose it. Have you ever thought Allah has marvelous ideas? The thing that we can’t do and are difficult he takes out an easy solution. 

When we put on weight it gets very difficult for us to lose it. Gaining weight is a lot more easier compared to loosing it. When we put on weight we become lazy and lethargic. It is also harmful for our health. In the month of Ramadan people lose weight as they eat less and work more. Therefore Ramadan is a virtue for those who wish to lose weight. When we eat healthy food we tend to lose the fat of our body.

Dietitians suggest in order to lose weight it is necessary that one should intake proper food at correct times.  Allah is great. We will listen to dietitian who is nothing in front of Allah but not do this every day. We all eat at odd times of the day not realizing that it is harmful for us. Allah has made the entire universe according to what they require than why do we break the rules. The main thing in Ramadan is our dedication towards Allah. This is only done by doing what we are told or supposed to do. If we eat our meals like this every day apart from Ramadan we will stay healthy fit and fine.

When we open or break our fast at Iftar time, it is necessary that we should intake a good amount of water. Water helps us to reduce the fats in our body therefore which helps us in losing weight. Remember losing weight is not easy, you can only do this easily in the Holy month of Ramadan. My advice to each one of you is that if you eat good food at proper time it will not only help you lose weight but in order to stay smart it is essential and proven good for health.

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