Thursday, June 02, 2011

Proper Nutrition, Supplementation & Exercise during Ramadan

In Ramadan fasting is essential; therefore the meals taken per day are restricted to only two meals a day. It is necessary that each person should intake proper nutrients so that they may be able to fast for the entire month of Ramadan. Fasting is a blessing but it cannot be done without proper energy in our body. The meals taken during the month of Ramadan should be full of full of energy that will keep us running for the entire day. It is important that all parents should have their proper meals before fasting, and even persuade their children to have breakfast before starting their fast.

Some people think that they can survive without having breakfast and can fast for the entire day, yes by the will of Allah it is possible but that will only weaken you internally. Doctors have suggested that people who do not take breakfast in the morning intent to weaken more comparatively to the others. Some children intend to sleep and do not get up at the Sehri time which is not good. It is essential that one must intake fruits, vegetables and all kinds of proteins to regain energy for the entire day. 

If you take medicines for any reason do not avoid them as they will help you prolong during your fast. Meat, fish and chicken should be taken in correct quantities so that your body does not resist any of these vitamins. Proper exercise should be done regularly in Ramadan so that you do not feel lazy and lethargic. Exercise is must in order to keep our body running and fit. Fresh food should be eaten. A lot of water should be drunk before closing your fast.

While you open your fast it is necessary that one should intake as much as water as it has to compensate for the entire day. Lack of drinking water makes you lose your energy and then you ultimately get sick, feel dizzy and tend to break your fast. Remember fasting only for the reason or tradition is not the main aim written in the Holy Quran. We fast so that we can move away from worldly things and come closer to Allah. This is a blessed month where Allah showers his blessing abundantly. Ramadan is a treat to all Muslims it is the best month of the year.

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