Thursday, April 01, 2010

Innovative tech Gadgets eagerly awaited

As technology advances each year, big companies bring products into the market that do not seize to amaze the technology geeks, each year brings something revolutionary for users to use in their daily lives, the two gadgets that everyone is looking forward to this year are iPhone 4g by Apple computer inc. & Playstation 4 by Sony. These great gadgets will be at the top of shopper's lists this year as they are sure to be products unmatched by any in recent times. Last year iPhone 3G by Apple computers Inc. stormed the technology market and captured hearts of people who loved the sleek and innovative phone and its easy to use User Interface. The iPhone 3G won hearts last year and the eagerly awaited iPhone 4G is sure to win hearts this year. A major change in apple's policy is that it intends to cancel its contract with AT&T and speculation is it might go with verizon CDMA for its new device coming out with Verizon iPhone available to the users. Sony is the other front runner whose product the tech market is looking forward to, Sony is touted to be coming out with a new version of the play station which will have real world motion sensor technology. Although the details of these devices are secretive the market is looking forward to a release date by these two technology giants and eagerly waiting to know what their favorite tech devices will cost