Thursday, June 02, 2011

Temptation and Ramadan

As we know that Ramadan is a holy month, therefore each Muslim is requested and asked to pray and worship Allah during this month. Sometimes things get difficult during this month. Have you ever wondered why? Let me bring to your notice something important. During the month of Ramadan it gets very hot and humid. Right! Things get expensive. People intend to get angry and frustrated. Fights take place on the shops are streets. Ever wondered why all this happens at the same time during this holy month. This is due to only one reason. I think you must know by now the answer. Yes Satan he is the reason all this done.

Satan has the ability to tempt people. He is very powerful but again nothing in front of Allah; comparatively he can deceive people and take them towards sin.  Sin is the only way that takes you away from Allah, therefore in order to come close to Allah only if we stay away from sin and Satan. Every person while fasting is tempted to drink and eat by Satan. Sometimes it becomes so difficult for one to control his feelings from the urge of thirst especially when it’s scourging hot. 

Allah gives us the strength to fight against Satan; He is the Almighty, everlasting and loving Allah. Satan can only be defeated from his works if we make him weak by not paying attention to what he wants us to do for him. The only way he will stay away if we pray more during this holy month. Be devoted in our prayers, fast with a good intention, give charity and most of all keep our hearts clean. Temptation in the month of Ramadan can only be avoided if we can seriously pay attention to what Allah wants from us.

By reading the Quran in Ramadan daily, it helps us to stay away from sin and temptation by Satan. It is our communication with the Almighty Allah. Allah is pleased when we read the Quran. Sometimes it gets so difficult for us to continue our fast and we just fast for a formality. But we forget that Allah has bestowed this month for us so that we can make a connection and come closer to him in this time where the world is coming to an end. Therefore please brothers and sisters, this Ramadan change and try to fight against Satan as he wants to defeat Allah and we should not support him.

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