Thursday, June 02, 2011

Guidance for Ramadan

People make some mistakes during the month of Ramadan not intentionally, or sometimes lack of awareness. Therefore it is necessary that we should avoid them so that our fasting may be true without any hindrance.

1)    Dhur and Asr prayers are supposed to be said separately. Some people say these prayers together which is wrong particularly in Arab countries. This is a mistake and should be kept away from it.

2)    It is not necessary to wait for the Adthan to get over. Some people think that you can only open your fast after the Adthan is over which is a wrong practice, you can break your fast the minute he starts.

3)    Allah gets happy if you avail the small opportunities of praying before you open your fast. Some people open their fast without praying if you pray you will be rewarded 3 times more than what you have really prayed.

4)    See people at times give more importance to the arriving of Eid more than Ramadan. This is not an ideal practice. The main concept is fasting in Ramadan Eid is a celebration in accordance to that.

5)    The love of parents is unbelievable at times. They forbid the young ones from fasting. If the child wishes to fast he is being prepared for this act to be carried out for the rest of his life. Therefore parents should not stop their children from fasting in this Holy month as it is rewarded from Allah.

6)    In Ramadan abstinence from food and water should not be our main focus. There are others things that are taken in accountability and consideration. Controlling your angry and usage of bad language also is an important part of Ramadan.

7)    In Ramadan when we pray with true hearts and the intention to serve Allah we are rewarded. By sleeping and loitering around and getting happy with a half day is not the main reason why we get this off. We should avail this opportunity by making the best of it praying continuously.

8)    There is no such hard and fast rule that you will have to break your fast if you are travelling. It is acceptable if you break it, it can be compensated later. But you can fast and continue if you have the will power too during travelling.

9)    Itikaaf at the mosque is necessary if you are healthy during the month of Ramadan. This is an advantage to get more blessings from Allah and spend most of our time there especially in the last ten days

10)    People have a misconception that if you cut your hair and nails in the Holy month of Ramadan it is a sin or breaks your fast Ramadan. This is also incorrect.

11)    People have weird concepts that you cannot use scented oils or perfumes in Ramadan. This is also wrong.

12)    If you get hurt and you bleed that will break your fast. This is a misconception.

The only way to know what is right or wrong is by reading the Quran and Sunnah. That is a perfect guide to follow the ways of fasting in Ramadan

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