Sunday, October 01, 2006

A unique Aftar

Today's Roza was very special. Had an Aftar invitation to the Calcutta Muslim Orphanage, a 110 year old institution housing almost 600 boys and girls who have lost their parents.
A modest building in Syed Saleh Lane houses the Boys Section (350 at present) with an inhouse mosque, madrasa (school) and infirmary. The children are taught not only religious and academic subjects but also vocational skills. The girls section is separately house where the young girls are taught basic skills and the orphanage even helps for arranging their match and marriage.

The aftar was sumptuous which included 'Haleem', a unique delicacy for Ramadan, fried food, fruits and sweets. It was a chance to share our love with those who are less fortunate, but perhaps more importanty, an occasion to thank Allah for the blessings that we sometimes take for granted.

These children are not weak. They do not want our sympathies. All they want is their Haq (right) to become what they are destined to be!


nzm said...

Abrahim: this is so wonderful, and you've taken beautiful photos to go with your words. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

wonderful, wonderful.

Destitute Rebel said...

amazing, pictures speak a thousand words.

BuJ said...

The Prophet (pbuh) said that for every hair on an orphan's head that you touch Allah will build you a house in Heaven. What if you take care of an orphan and feed and educate him?

Even telling the world about it is a blessed thing. Jazak Allah kheir.

kaya said...

Abrahim, a wonderful touching post.
The pictures show so much hope in their faces.
ekkti chotto katha amadayr jonno(small thing for us) or even our children (Allah ka laakh shukkar hai) who sometimes I think have too much, but something monumental for them, to be treasured and appreciated and valued.
Aapnaar post khoobi bhallo laaglo. How about some pictures of PUCHKA? Kotto botchor hoye gayechay BHALLO Puchka KHAYEE NAII

RIJJU said...

A wonderful effort for a nice cause

EXSENO said...

To see children lose their family breaks my heart, but I am so glad to see that it looks like they are being well taken care of.

Abrahim said...

Thanks for the comments.

Someone once mentioned about 'Unconditional Love', a state where one loves without expecting anything in return. If that is the ultimate objective of religion, to have unconditional love for God, loving these children would be a good starting place, wouldn't it?

For all who are foxed by Kaya's sudden spells in Bengali, 'Puchka' is a unique roadside snack of Calcutta (called Panipuri or Gol-guppe in other parts of India).

Kaya, nishchoy sheegre-i dekhben puchkar chobi. (Kaya, You'll see the puchka pics soon)!

kaya said...

DHONNOBAAAD (thank you)