Monday, October 09, 2006

16 days and counting

We are on the 16th day of fasting, for those who started on Saturday (23rd of September). More than half of Ramadan has gone by. For me it has gone every fast. Almost too fast.

Today was also one year since the earthquake shattered Pakistan. It is Ramadan without Iftaar all year round for many people in the world.

Every year Muslims are supposed to pay their zakah (2,5 percent of their wealth accumulated after a lunar year). This is usually done during or after Ramadan. We have included a list of websites where you can choose to donate online if you don't already know where to donate this years zakah.

Hope we make the most of the little time that is left in this blessed month. It is a personal joy for me to see everyone making the most of this online Ramadan forum.


RIJJU said...

Just to add to your post, Zakat can be or should be first given to anyone in your family who is worthy of it. Zakat starts from your near family and than outside if applicable.

Lirun said...

wow.. i love that.. we jews have zdaka.. all year round.. we need to give charity but there is no fixed per cent that i know of..

i like to never carry loose change.. i always give me change at the super market toth echarity boxes and empty my pockets to beggars as i walk the streets..

i like the idea of measuring it and choosing a cause though.. maybe if i combine..