Tuesday, October 24, 2006

carrying it forward..

our faiths enjoyed a poetic overlap this year with ramadan and yom kippur coinciding neatly and trailing awful events.. what i urge of us all is that we abide by the moral and spiritual and religious obligation not to wait to this time every year but to exercise the shared beauty of our respective heritage on a daily basis.. moment by moment..

thank you again for having provided the privilege of sharing ramadan through your stories and experiences.. as well as your warm and remarkably hospitable welcome..

salam peace shalom to you all




nzm said...

Lirun: you have a way with words, my friend!

Let the spirit of the Ramadan Kareem blog spill over into all the other facets of our lives.

Lirun said...

thank you my friend..

Musafir said...

Suddenly the party is over.
Come to think of it. Here in Singapore they celebrated Deepavali and Hari Raya in this week.
In India, it was Eid and Diwali within days of each other.
And we had lirun share his celebrations with us.
Gives us a lot to think about and share.
Insha-allah, May such happy coincidences occur often.
And Insha-allah, may this blog continue to foster the spirit of togetherness and bonding that it has amazingly accomplished.

kaya said...

Shalom and Peace to you.
Thankyou for sharing with us your home and hearth.
It has been a delight to be part of your life