Thursday, October 05, 2006

Balkan Ramadan Song

Singer Driton Salihu sings the song Agjëro about Ramadan. The video looks like it was shot in Sarajevo however he is definitely not singing in Bosnian. My guess is it is Albanian. The video is interesting, and something I noticed about Muslims in the Balkan in general, they can be very devout without the "traditional uniform" many Muslims insist on applying to religious people (headscarf, beard etc). Enjoy!

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Walking sister with flip flops said...

La ilaha illah Allah, Muhammadun rasullullaah!

This video was awesome, and really serious.

I got goose pimples after seeing this video.

Did you notice that the family had a normal amount of food on the table, that shows how genuine ramadan spirit actually is?

Like the sunnah; didn't the prophet(pbuh) have iftaar with dates and soup, or just soup? Just something simple to fill your stomach with, but filling it normally, and not overfilling it.
If so, then we contradict ourselves and the Sunnah.

I definitely prefer this video than the german boyband videoclip, not my kind of style.

Keep it going SS!