Monday, October 23, 2006

One Nation, Two Eids

The Central Ruet - Hilal (Moon Sighting) Committee is to be convened today at Saudi Tower in Islamabad for the purpose of moon sighting and deciding upon the incidence of Eid. A couple of members of zonal committees' members will also take part in the deliberations. However, as always, the Zonal Committee in Peshawar announced yesterday (Sunday) that Eid in NWFP will be celebrated today (Monday). Thus, the good guardians of the faith in that province led the subjects to celebrate Eid today and I saw news footage on TV of Eid prayers being offered at Charsadda Road.

Well, what should I say except for wishing a very happy Eid? I don't know why this country can't go together. Although there's a Central committe, I fail to understand why everyone (read pathan brothers) feels the need to flaunt the writ, more so when the central committee is a government mandated body!!!


Anonymous said...

Every year we wish that all muslims,around the world can agree on one day to start and end Ramadan. To be one at least for a happy occasion. We have yet to witness this hopefully in our life time.


Destitute Rebel said...

Inshallah to Heba's comment. Untill there is peace and harmony there can be no progress

Boo! said...

Hong Kong has the most peace I have seen in the world. As with the start of Ramadan, no argument about the end either. 30 days... Eid on Tuesday.

btw... is Hong Kong the only place on the planet with a 30 day Ramadan? Seems like it.

Anonymous said...

happy feast everyone
it was a joy reading this blog during ramdan and get to know u all
but now that ramdan is over
what will happen to this blog??
plz tell me you will go on
i'll miss it for sure if that's the end of it :((


Syed Sibgatullah said...


take heart, dear. we pakistanis are also with you in the 30 - day ramadan :) .

Destitute Rebel said...

@ Marwa, Thanks for the comment and your interest in the blog, We have gained alot from it. Inshallah we hope to keep the blog alive throught the year with different postings hopefully from all the contributors. Hope to continue seeing you all. Thanks for your participation and encouragement.