Tuesday, October 03, 2006

nana's lemonade..

today was yom kippur.. we started fasting last night at around 5pm until around 6pm today.. i live a half hour walk away from my grandmother's place so i missed the breaking of the fast but i did get some of my grandmother's lemonade which for me is liquid heaven..

for one litre she puts 3 generous spoons of sugar two fresh lemons squeezed and a whopping dash of rose water (mayet zahar).. its the best! its not the ingredients though.. my gran (who i have always called "nana") loves preparing it and when she serves it her heart goes out to you.. i love my nana.. ;)


clayfuture said...

Even if it actually doesn't taste good, you won't notice it as one of your loved ones has made it!

Lirun said...

so true! :D

Destitute Rebel said...

I'm sure nana's magic touch was better then all the ingredients.

BuJ said...

Lirun.. happy Yom Kippur. Hope you enjoy your fast :)

kaya said...

Yummy! I like limeade best, and back home they make it with a pinch of (foul)smelling rock salt (kaala namak)and call it Shakanjabeen.
But its a great thirst quencher, and my other fave remains chilled sugar cane juice.
Happy Yom Kippur Lirun.

Lirun said...

thank guys

so cute.. :D

for yom kippur you wish an easy fast and may you be inscribed in the book of life (gmar hatimma tova)

its not really a happy festival.. its more reflective..

i love the kindess and warmth offered in this blog.. what a wonderful crew of people..

shalom/salam/an/paix/peace to you all