Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photo Album

Tonight, after most of the guests finally left, and everything was washed up and put away for the last time, I viewed my drawing room.
There are still some guests, gorged to the point of buttons undone, sleeping like beached whales all over my drawing room.Its like our typical "shaadi ghar" (wedding home), where guests are sleeping in every available space.

Mashallah. It is Barkat to have guests in your home. Exhausting for the hostess though!
The children are both fanning their eidi (money gifted to younger ones at eid) and knowing only too well by tomorrow MOM will have, handed them a pathetic sum and will have put the rest away safely! (Where that "safely" is, has been a mystery for many generations!!)
It is the first 10 miutes I have literally had, off my feet in the last 2 days.
So, I came here. To my extended family. Strangers who's names, over the course of a month have become a part of my regular conversation.
Names with whom I link now certain memories, because of their posts or comments.
It is like opening a photo album. Each post is a photograph, with a memory, a moment linked to it. The laughter we have shared, the warmth, the wonderful moments.

Its a wonderful feeling. And I know on days when I cannot speak to you, hear your voices (as I read your words), days when you will be on my mind.
I can always come back here and turn the pages of my album and I will find you here.

God Bless you All.


Destitute Rebel said...

Kaya - Giving me goosebumps, I feel the same way, people have connected so well, shared stories, Hopefully we will continue to do the same.

nzm said...

Kaya: find a spot in your drawing room for us next year and we'll be there!

Abrahim said...

Kaya, Couldn't have put it better myself.

Its been a great experience being together on this virtual community and share our thoughts, feelings and events. Here's hoping we find ourselves in this blessed month (and blog) again next year...

kaya said...

NZM as they say in my country.
when theres place in the heart!
I will be deligted to feed you silly inshallah next year.
Thats a PROMISE~