Friday, October 06, 2006


I apologize for absenting myself for so long, but I was busy in my term examinations at the university. Now when they are a thing of the past, I'm here again.

During the holy month, there's a common complaint that people just don't get enough time to perform their daily work. However, there's also a general environment of laziness all around. For me, I also have experienced this. When I wake up in the morning and getting off with Fajr, I'm like dying for a sleep and this has led me to get late a number of times from my classes. In the afternoons, I feel like sleeping my life out, but can't get enough of it.

I remember when I was at school, there was this Sri lankan teacher who would fume at any instance of lethargy ever displayed by a student during the month of Ramadan. He used to lecture us on the need to keep working hard and working harder in Ramadan, saying that God didn't meant Ramadan to be a sleeping month!!! :) But I suppose it was utopia, as how much may one try, it's really really hard to get over the temptation to sleep. Atleast that has been the case with me :) And yes, this habbit cost me in terms of compromised performance during exam time.


kaya said...

wah wah u have the luxury to sleep!
If I told you my daily routine , you would probably faint.
Yes I'll say its HECTIC.
Try my schedule! LOL!
Good to have u back Syed.

Syed Sibgatullah said...

I'm sleeping too much, I think in Ramadan compared to other days but still can't get enough of it :)....I understand that it's not the case with a lot of other people. And in my home, I see that happening with my mother too.....but I'd rather opt to enjoy and sleep out free time, which I'd want to have more and more than doing lots of stuff which would leave me wanting for more sleep at the end of the day :) .

I hope you get time off too.

Boo! said...

I agree with you there man, sleep definitely is much more dominant during the days of Ramadan. Working in place where I don't get the afternoons off, it is really hard to concentrateon work, especially a couple of hours before iftar.

But I really and truly agree with your teacher as well. It is not supposed to be a time for lethargy. Where is the self-restraint and realization of others' suffering if you sleep during the fast? I know a lot of Arab countries completely switch the sleep/work pattern from day to night and vice versa. I'm not entirely sure that is in true spirit of Ramadan... but then again, I try and sleep all day during the weekends as well :)