Saturday, October 07, 2006

Iron Chef!

To all those who've had the (mis)fortune of having to make your own Sehri (or cook for others) during Ramadan, what's the quickest you have had to whip up something because you didn't wake up in time? To those who have had someone do their cooking all their lives, what's the quickest you've had to gobble down everything because you woke up only a few minutes before sunrise?

The inspiration for these questions came to me yesterday when I broke all of my own records. Here is the step by step analysis of my record setting Sehri:

1. Woke up about 10-11 minutes before sunrise
Minute 1:
2. Looked at the watch, and ran into the kitchen (I know these are two steps but they were really in one fluid motion. Can't seperate the two).
3. Lit up the stove under the frying pan on full flame.
4. Took out an egg and a frozen paratha from the refrigerater.
Minute 2:
5. Drowned a glass of milk as I waited for the pan to heat up.
6. Put the paratha on the pan and started "willing it" to cook faster.
Minutes 3 - 4:
7. Drowned a glass of water.
8. Kept on "willing" the paratha. It still took the 3 minutes it is supposed to.
Minute 5:
9. Put the paratha off the frying pan and poured about a tablespoon of olive oil in its place.
10. Wait about 10 - 15 seconds for the oill to heat up a bit.
11. Crack the egg and pour it in for frying.
Minute 6:
12. Wait for the under-side of the egg to cook (about 10-15 seconds) and then flip it over.
13. Wait another 10-15 seconds for the (new) under-side to cook.
14. Put the egg in the plate with the paratha.
Minute 7 - 10:
15. Consume the iron chef-style cooked cuisine at a leisurely pace along with a few glasses of water.
Minute 11:
16. Drink the second glass of milk.

Thank you... thank you very much. Please, no need to stand up to applaud. You can do it while seated.


RIJJU said...

i have had times when i didnt have time to make paratha nor put the egg in the plate. It was finished within the pan with Forks as swords.
But you kept time for all this you have too much time to think. I do not remember such small details. good detailed blog.

kaya said...

Good GOD!
Thats funny. I have woken up once to my utter dismay and heard the adhaan, and just sat there not knowing what to do, kept many fasts without suhoor, and woke up with a few minutes left.
But the advantage of being the cooker rather than the eater is that our kitchens are organised for such emergencies, and in general we have prepared the food earlier, and left it out on the stove.
Ofcourse cheese, bread salaami, are great too!

Syed Sibgatullah said...

My mom cooks for me :) !!!...but just today it happened that i woke up a few moments before time. Never bothered to brush my teeth nor to wash my mouth; only bothered to race to the dining table. Wanted to taste everything on th table within the shortest of time, so had one - half of a paratha instead of my usual full paratha, with a fried egg, all having been gulped down with a rather 'aggressive force', due to the greedily delicious sight of a custard bowl infront of me. Had half of it coupled with two glasses of cold water. And that was it.

The whole duration of this exercise? A rather shockingly short span (atleast for me!!) of five minutes :) .

clayfuture said...

Ha! Your situation is what I would like to call "Suhoor Stress"!!! I think I coined a new term here!

I have a heavy dinner late night, so I don't have to worry about suhoor!