Friday, September 29, 2006


its so awesome that these two holidays are coinciding this year - we ask for forgiveness and we all fast at the same time!!

wouldnt it be great if the leaders of our region sent apologies to eachother.. and we behaved like a good little region..

thats all the aliens see when they look at us.. see? :D


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Have a blessed Yom Kippur Lirun and any other Jewish readers!

This was a beautiful post, I loved the way you used the picture. Makes one think doesn't it :)

I think we are doing something good by meeting here, on a grass root level. And hopefully it will echo out into the universe.

Lirun said...

thanks dude..

totally agree with you.. catching all the beautiful blessings here with my very heart..

off for a quick surf..



Anonymous said...

Yea just what I was thinking the other day...

There was once a profet named Jesus he had a nice message of love and understanding...


kaya said...

Umm.... Lirun
Thats "DUDETTE"!!!

Lirun said...

hey kaya

im a surfer.. for me dude is omniapplicable..

i call my food dude sometimes..