Saturday, September 30, 2006

6 feet of earth

Abrahim's post on Sabr- The true lesson of ramadan ended with the namaz-e-janaaza. On which Shaykhspeara commented about how dying at Makkah during Hajj, and then ramadan being the second preference for us mortals to be called back to our Maker, which prompted me to write this post.

At Umra everyday after every namaaz there would be at least 2-3 namaaz-e- janaaza.5 prayers a day and at least 10-15 people passing away. Young ,old,sick, who knows what the cause was, but the call to leave the world behind.
No doubt those who came away alive, could not choose a better place.But I wonder this yeh saari zameen Allah ki hai (all the land is his) and when we die, it is our actions that will speak for us, not the 6 foot of earth we lie under. Still such is the magic of the Holy land to be buried in its soil alone seems to be jannat. But it is the state we die in (ie with wuddhu, performing some rites) that will give us any access to jannat.
So then, would I guess, passing away in a holy month, for those who have lived their lives the right way.
I have members of my family, who have passed away in a foreign land with strict wishes for the body to be buried in the homeland.
I have seen in Makkah, people cutting of pieces of the black cloth, to take home, because they wish to buried with it. This is SHIRK ( to go against Islam) or BIDAA (innovation), ofcourse but such is the belief of our people.
People cling to the Haram (the Holy Mosque in Makkah), and they weep and beat their chests, and ask for forgiveness. Then some go away changed, and some continue their lives of wrongdoing.
They steal a piece of the cloth, or any other item they can lay their hands on, and in that act itself denying the whole purpose of being there. Such is their ardour to be amongst the chosen ones.
When no piece of cloth will gain you access into heaven, nor gallons of zamzam poured onto your grave will cool the fires of hell.
What will save you is your actions, your words, your deeds.Your salvation lies in what you did, because thats all you will take with you.

Yes, ramadan is a holy month, and no doubt a good month to die in, but all that good is only good, when you have done thus.


Creation said...

True True True !

Dying in Makkah didn't help Abu Lahab to reach Paradise ...

Musafir said...

Aameen to what to have said!

RIJJU said...

Kaya a wonderful effort with a wonderful point. Nice

BuJ said...

Very well-said Kaya. Very valid points too!

May we be fortunate to meet our maker during Ramadan and/or Hajj and lead a truer path.

Hannah said...

Kaya, a beautiful post. Thank you.

Destitute Rebel said...

Kaya, rightfully said, good post.

kaya said...


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Beautifully said Kaya. And to add another point, even our deeds are not what will ultimately get us to heaven, it is the mercy of God. And thankfully God's mercy is great, and we live in hope for that while trying our best do carry on with good deeds.

And shirk means to place other Gods or things beside Allah, thus going against islam.