Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Message of peace..

Fresh off the creative mind of Najdat Anzour comes a new tv series to be aired during Ramadan called Renegade that is anti terror..
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The show is said to attack those who preach violence and condemns fundamentalists..

This is part of a larger movement of Muslims whose voices have now been magnified in a call for peace and against terrorism.. Much respect to Anzour and friends - these are clearly people who have enough charisma and talent to shape opinions and the bravery to further reflect the change that they affect..

This is an amazing evolution and cannot be taken for granted for its potential effects on our region!!

By way of contrast - two years ago Yahya Ayyash was a tv superstar - he was a Palestinian terrorist killed during an operation years ago - who turned into a legend aired across the Arab world during this holy month..

Ramadan karim to everyone!

Ps. Gmar hatima tova for Yom Kippur and thank you sooo much for invitation of my participation in this blog.. it is an honour and a privilege to share this experience..


Destitute Rebel said...

Lirun, Great post, Thank you for joining the team, we look forward to more posts from you. It'll be enlighting to read your posts.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

LIRUN is here!!! Oh fantastic!!! I am so excited and happy now. Thank you for joining us and contributing! Lemme go back now and read your post..I got so excited it was from you I had to comment first lol

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Has Yom Kippur started ? and what did gmar hatima tova mean? Well whatever it means I wish you that :) oh and when is Rosh Hashana? how long is it?

The tv series sounds very interesting and hopefully it will help to bridge the many gaps between jews, arabs, israelis, muslims etc.

There is a big problem about glorifying people who have partaken in acts that are concidered as terrorist activities.

I lived 4 months in a former palestininan refugee camp in Damascus, now turned into a little town of its own where more than 70 percent of the men were unemployed.

I remember my tailor having pictures of "martyrs" on the wall, many of them suicide bombers.

I never ventured to question it because at the time my arabic was not good enough to be able to carry such a conversation but also because I realised they live in a world that can not be described.

It is as if they are in no mans land and their perspective is in no way near to ours. As if Time has stopped for them for 60 years. Isolated from both influence of other ideas and development. Their reality and perception of reality is so, I don't wanna use the word twisted, but at times that seems the only thing to use.

It is hard to say to them, people who live in conditions they do, not able to go back, to not view the world the way they do.

At the same time, in order for any peace to be able to be achieved, everyone must think beyond themselves. And that is I guess easy for me to say who is not directly affected by it.

Keep posting, I wanna read more and more :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Oh and Lirun, I took the liberty to add a link to a BBC site explaining what Yom Kippur is in your post. Hope that was ok.

Anonymous said...

Shalom Lirun, for the next 3 weeks, I'll be posting my comments here instead of the blog created by you, Chas & Loli - LOL. So, no complaints please if I'm here mostly and not there as often. Cheers :D

Hannah said...

Lirun, a Jewish friend of mine is breaking the fast with me on Yom Kippur. Anything I should know or serve or do to be courteous?

Lirun said...

hi guys.. its all cool..

thank you for the warm welcome yet again ;)

gmar hatima tiva is a wish that your names be written in the book of life on this holy day of judgment..

hannah.. allow me to suggest that you need only to take it easy hehe.. the fast ends officially when the rams horn is blown by a rabbi but time wise it is supposed to happen when 3 stars are out..

every jewish family practices the breaking of the fast a little bit differently.. some people just dig in to the food.. in my family we have a strange tradition of breaking with a refreshing drink my mum makes based on fresh apple juice with rose water cinammon pommegranite seeds and a little bit of date honey served on ice.. and then once it settles we continue to have a light meal only so as not to shock the body after the fast.. we drink water and eat slowly.. ;)

rosh hashana was last saturday and yom kippur is this sunday..

welcoming you all to visit me at my blog at your leisure..



Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Thanks for the explanation :)

Lirun said...

you're most welcome..