Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our Efforts in Ramadan

I got this in e - mail from a friend. For those friends who have difficultu with Urdu, a translation in English follows:

Our efforts in Ramadan

What will you get in Ramadan?....Like earth, your hearts will become soft, your eyes wet. You’ll sow the seed of Iman (faith) and protect your abilities and capacities. The seed will turn into a plant and the plant will grow into a tree. The tree will flourish and good deeds will become its green leaves and its invaluable fruits; and you will reap a harvest of eternal glory.

Like a farmer, you’ll work and make efforts; the result will be that a rich harvest in the Heavens in the Afterlife will become ready for you to reap. The harder you work, the better will be the harvest.

And if the hearts turn out to be like stones and you remain lethargic like an unconcerned farmer, all the waters of blessings, fasts and tarawih will flow away and nothing would remain. No doubt, nothing comes one’s way without the Supreme Will of God. However, the Will of God favours those only who make efforts. Allah says:

“You move towards Him an arm’s distance, He will come towards you double that distance; you walk towards Him and He will run towards you”. (Sahih Muslim)

But if you remain at your place unconcerned, would the Will of God ever favour you?

Get ready to work and make efforts to get your share of the Blessings but remember what the Holy Prophet (PBUH) warned us about:

“So many people are there who fast without ever getting anything except hunger and thirst in return; and so many people are there who pray for the whole night but don’t get anything except a sleepless night”.


kaya said...

Bohat khoob sir!

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kaya said...

mashallah say the posts are coming so fast and furious (LOL) that I cant keep up with the comments any more!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you put Turkey in your title?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Welcome Anonymous!

Because we dont have anyone from Turkey blogging about Ramadan in Turkey. Maybe you can be the first one to do so if you are indeed in Turkey? :)

The countries mentioned are all the countries in which our bloggers are blogging from.