Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back To Basics.

Assalam Aleikum everyone.
Sorry I have not been around. Its getting a bit difficult for me. Somehow Ramadan changes our routines, and we all tend to sleep later.
Since ramadan has started I have not been able to get to bed before 12.30-1 am and then wake up again for Suhoor at 4. After which I cannot sleep and then the day unfolds.
its fair enough to say I am on day 4 feeling very sleepy and cranky.

Okay now some questions.
I was taught to do wuddu (abolution) by saying bismillah with every action.
Now I have been told recently that you must not speak in the toilet so it is wrong to say Bismillah.
That should you die in the bathroom, the angels will not enter if you have spoken.
(Therefore basically not to spk in Loo, which is easier said then done, when you have a 4 year old outside yelling her head off!)

According to "BEHESTI ZEWARR" (Heavenly Ornaments) a book printed in URDU, a must have for all newly married brides.
its a guide for everything you need to know regarding many things, including personal hygiene, etc etc.
I had been given this book by some kindly soul, needless to say I never got round to reading it.
But according to this book, when one is doing "GHUSL", (purification bath) one needs to read the first Qallma. But back to the not speaking in toilet thing.
Assuming it is said under ones breath, then there is that group of people who will not enter a toilet wearing religious pendants and will remove it or (from another lady) place it in the mouth when entering toilet.

What do you say?


Syed Sibgatullah said...

I've also heard that reciting something in the bathroom shouldn't be done, but I'm not sure if the restriction is about all other sorts speech.

Boo! said...

I heard that too and so I stopped saying any prayer aloud. I say the Kalma in my heart after wudu etc. The rest of the speech is on a need to speak basis (4 yr old outside of the restroom counts as a need I think) (=

And I do wear a pendant with an inscription on it as well, which I take off every time I go to the restroom at home. Elsewhere, I just make sure its inside my shirt...

Baraka said...

Salaam 'alaykum,

You can either say it in your heart/mind or there are rulings that recognize that since Western bathrooms most often have both sink/toilets in one room, you can draw a sort of imaginary line between them and invocations can be made while at the sink.

See the "Pearls of Purity" CD set for more details.

And, God knows best.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Any prayers or quranic verses should never be spoken loudly in a bathroom.

However when you make intention to perform ablution or ghusl, intention and bismillah (in the name of God), is necessery and thus you say it in your heart.

Baraka, welcome :) Glad to see you here.