Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lord of Ramadan

A music video by CoTu. Boy bandish, but quite an interesting development in the Muslim Music Scene. Catchy chorus!


Destitute Rebel said...

Sadly we here in the UAE can't see any youtube content due to it beeing blocked by the local ISP. So all of you out who can see the video, better give a detailed account.

kaya said...

Oh so thats whats going on.
im sitting here wondering WHAT THE HALE? (punjabi pronounciation of HELL)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well I am guessing the group is german. They sing beautifully a chorus in arabic about ramadan, then in english...then turkish rapping, and arabic and german rapping. Quite interesting. The video shows muslim homes during ramadan.

moryarti said...

it is on Google Video? they haven't blocked that .. not yet atleast..

Destitute Rebel said...

SS thanks for the description. :-)

Moryarti I tried to find it on google doesnt seem to be there.

Kaya- TubeLight!! lightbulb wont do for you. lol.

Boo! said...

Boybandish? It is as boyband as boybands get! (=

I was trying to figure out what languages were there in the song. I have to admit I didn't pick up Turkish.

You are right... very catchy chorus. But I am not a huge fan of putting in the ayat from the Quran in the song. Nevertheless, I have a feeling I will be humming the chorus through the day!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Boo, I know turkish when I hear it. lol

Well why not put in the ayah in the song? It is not quran recitation as such, it is quoting a verse that is universal about the qualities of God.

It is like having a song called, "Oh God is merciful". It is also a verse from the Quran, ya know? :)

and ok fine it is very boybandy lol and I am already humming the chorus.

Moryarti, I will engage my german friends in trying to find the song some way so that you can hear it. Bahaawil!

Destitute Rebel said...

Shaira, Finally etisalat has seen the light this ramadan, we can access youtube, I just heard the song, amazing, and as you promised a very catchy chorus. Thanks for sharing.

musti said...

any one know about the band members?

i`m turkish. and i have to say that i didnt like the turkish rap scene. its the worst in the part in the video.

what i like most was the arab guy in red, his voice is very nice. keep it up boy !

can any `buddy` who could catch the words in arabic write the lyrics here ?

رمضان راوح الرحمن رمضان
شهر القران رمضان
فتحات فه الجنان

of course some words might has typos, i dont know arabic well.

ramadan kareem

Anonymous said...

salam, i'm farah, from malaysia.
I like this nasyeed so much!
it's a different dimension of nasyeed for me.

Muslimah_da_Turkish said...

hi musti ,i am turkish too and the turkish part is great as its meaning. u dont have a taste,and i dont think u r a rap listener
they rock,thats all i can say
keep up the good work i liked it very much!

hannahfuad said...

it's beautiful...i really want the lyrics but i cant find doesnt seem complete to just hum the song:P

el-biruni said...
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mujahidah Qawiey... said...

رمضان راوح الرحمن
رمضان شهر القران
رمضان سيد المنان
فتحات فه الجنان

"انك انت توب الرحيم"