Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadan Kareem!!

Today being the first day of Ramadan, brought a lot of memories of suhoor and iftaar from the past many many years. Ramadan teaches us almost all the basics of life in most simple way, one being patience and other being caring.

I just happened to ask some of my Muslim colleagues this morning how first day of Ramadan was treating them? Most surprising answer came from some of them that they were NOT fasting!

I am sure this could be a situation in many offices like mine. This endorses yet another social and relegious responsibility of being Muslim to encourage them to come up with the reason that is preventing them from fasting. Most of the time it is fear of not being able to go through a day without drinking water or eating food, but that was not the reason I cam acroos, it was "I can not go through day without SMOKING".

I take the opportunity to pass this message to all of you, who are fasting that it is our resonsibility to encourage our colleagues at work and help them understand the importance of this Month. It is even bigger responsibility than fasting yourself.

We do not smoke in a public building, office, school, and many other places due to a simple A4 size notice or circular and can go through hours and hours of NO SMOKING but a BOOK which is a complete manual to teach us living and allow others to live, sits some where at home without allowing it to influence our lives no where close to that A4 size memo which determines our conduct at work during the year just before assessement for annual increments.

It shall not be taken as a wake up call but it should be taken as a call which was put on hold while taking and answering other calls. Beauty is that CALLER is not going to hang on you if you took too long to answer it, just answser it. It is more important than calls we make to many 800 numbers.

Ramadan's bell will ring again next year and year after and so on, let us work hard to be on the list to answer this call and not to put it on hold!!!

If we can not make such calls social, we sure can not make a society that we wish to have.

Ramadan Kareem!!

(written by my HUSBAND who will be contributing here as E66, assuming he can remember his password!!!)
(For now Bismillah and his post)


kaya said...



Destitute Rebel said...

Good Post Mr.Kaya, hope to see more regular posts from you.

Boo! said...

Great point! Last year was my first Ramadan in Pakistan in a 'work environtment' and silly me was expecting to see almost everyone fasting. In truth, that wasn't the case. The most common excuse was smoking, but in my opinion, that is all it really is... an excuse.

The same people would generally find something else as scapegoat if they weren't smokers. I can say that because I know people who are heavy smokers, but go through Ramadan without smoking during the day. They are near collapse by the time they can smoke, and will break fast with a cigarrete instead of a dates or water, but they do it.

Haiving said that, I agree that it is our responsibility to try and realize the true importance of this month ourselves and make others understand as well.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lollll @ remembering his password.

It reminds me of my mother who still to this day, types email adresses in the (http://)adress bar expecting to be able to "email" people that way.

Welcome on board Mr. Kaya.

kaya said...

Thanks every one, I must say it is very encouraging and I shall be visiting this blog more often. Learing to write good from all of your posts. Thanks again.

Mr. Kaya!