Friday, July 29, 2011

Sehar & Iftar Timing Lahore Ramadan 2011

Ramadan is the month of blessing this is the month in which Allah Almighty forgive every sin of those who ask forgiveness from the depth of their hearts. The timing of suhar and iftar in Lahore city is stated below.

Sehar-o-Iftar Timings Lahore, Pakistan
Ramadan-al-Mubarak 1432 AH (August-2011)

D   A   T   E                                                                                                    Time UTC+5 (PST)
Universal/Gregorian/Solar               Islamic/Hijri/Lunar               Sehar              Iftar
02-August-2011 (Tuesday)                01-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:46 AM        07:01 PM
03-August-2011 (Wednesday)          02-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:46 AM        07:00 PM
04-August-2011 (Thursday)              03-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:47 AM        06:59 PM
05-August-2011 (Friday)                  04-Ramadan-1432 AH         03:48 AM       06:58 PM
06-August-2011 (Saturday)                05-Ramadan-1432 AH          03:49 AM        06:57 PM
07-August-2011 (Sunday)                  06-Ramadan-1432 AH          03:50 AM        06:56 PM
08-August-2011 (Monday)                07-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:51 AM        06:55 PM
09-August-2011 (Tuesday)                08-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:52 AM        06:54 PM
10-August-2011 (Wednesday)          09-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:53 AM        06:53 PM
11-August-2011 (Thursday)              10-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:54 AM        06:52 PM
12-August-2011 (Friday)                  11-Ramadan-1432 AH         03:55 AM       06:51 PM
13-August-2011 (Saturday)               12-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:56 AM        06:50 PM
14-August-2011 (Sunday)                 13-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:57 AM        06:49 PM
15-August-2011 (Monday)                14-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:57 AM        06:48 PM
16-August-2011 (Tuesday)                15-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:58 AM        06:47 PM
17-August-2011 (Wednesday)          16-Ramadan-1432 AH           03:59 AM        06:46 PM
18-August-2011 (Thursday)              17-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:00 AM        06:45 PM
19-August-2011 (Friday)                  18-Ramadan-1432 AH         04:01 AM       06:44 PM
20-August-2011 (Saturday)               19-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:02 AM        06:43 PM
21-August-2011 (Sunday)                 20-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:03 AM        06:42 PM
22-August-2011 (Monday)               21-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:04 AM        06:41 PM
23-August-2011 (Tuesday)               22-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:04 AM        06:40 PM
24-August-2011 (Wednesday)         23-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:05 AM        06:39 PM
25-August-2011 (Thursday)             24-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:06 AM        06:37 PM
26-August-2011 (Friday)                 25-Ramadan-1432 AH         04:07 AM       06:36 PM
27-August-2011 (Saturday)              26-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:08 AM        06:35 PM
28-August-2011 (Sunday)                27-Ramadan-1432 AH            04:09 AM        06:34 PM
29-August-2011 (Monday)               28-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:09 AM        06:33 PM
30-August-2011 (Tuesday)               29-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:10 AM        06:31 PM
31-August-2011 (Wednesday)         30-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:11 AM        06:30 PM

May Allah Almighty forgive all our sins in the up coming month of Ramadan.


zeeshan said...

thanks to you very much for this

Destitute Rebel said...

No problem zeeshan, wish you a blessed month ahead.