Monday, July 04, 2011

Abstaining from Sin

The holy month of Ramadan is declared as the month of patience, it is the month to sacrifice ones desires, to sacrifice ones time at the same time calling for much bodily exertion and striving. Islam is the religion for whole mankind and a religion who describes all his dos and don’ts, while fasting some special importance should be given to abstain from sin according to one habit of prophet(pbuh) "the person who does not abstain from evil acts and speaking lies, Allah is not in need of his fast. (Sahih Bukhari)

In the spiritual month of Ramadan we should leave some for our bad habits which we do regularly by knowing or not knowing like Backbiting, slandering, arguments, not guarding one's eyes from looking at evil, bad thoughts. We should abstain from such sins at least in Ramadan and because of the blessings of Ramadan we can leave such sin forever so Ramadan does not mean only to fast but to make ones life perfect and live our life as Islamic teachings.

The objective of fasting is to inculcate the quality of taqwa (piety) as Allah mentions in the Quran: "So that you attain piety." A person refrain from eating and drink and all sins which harm him in the month of Ramadan but how foolish is he that he does not understand that these thinks can harm them in throughout their life so why don’t we quit these sins in our routine life as well as in Ramadan.

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