Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Organizing time in Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and all of us are preparing for the spiritual month of Ramadan, so here are some suggestions which will help you in organizing your work during fasting. Many of us have a perception that the month of Ramadan is quit demanding and it requires a lot of energy so therefore it will be nice if they reduce many of activity and projects so that they can concentrate on the holy month of Ramadan, let me tell you this my friends there is a simple schedule to spend your month of Ramadan and do all your work which you do in your normal life.

These are the steps which can tell you how to make your schedule in the holy month of Ramadan.

Sleep Well:
It is mandatory to attend the tarawih not in Islam but it is the part of Ramadan so it is important to attend the prayer tarawih. So if you come back from tarawih at 10:00 or 10:30 pm try to sleep as early as possible in order to wake up early in the morning to eat a meal of sahur because it was the sunnah of Prophet (pbuh) to eat something before having a fast. One can go to sleep after fajir if you wish otherwise it would be better to close your eyes in afternoon.

Manage your time wisely:
To manage your time and work it is important to have a list of most important works of your day with their durations, for that you have to make a list of your every day work on priority basis. Make your most important phone calls early as you can catch people early at their desks and your work will not stop.

Manage your Energy wisely:
A person will be best in fasting if they control their anger, because anger can harm the core objective of fasting. Fasting teaches discipline and how to control yourself in different situations. It constantly reminds the individual of continuous abstinence and observance. Therefore, since the body stores different components of energy, it needs to be functioning according to what it can take during the hours from Fajr till Maghrib.

While managing your time, make sure that you do the most demanding jobs or activities early in the morning without exhausting yourself. Rest in between different tasks and breathe in enough oxygen at all times. As we know that most of the stress is caused by less breathing and more worry and unrest of a person so it is mandatory for everyone to control their anger and remain cool during fasting.            

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