Monday, July 04, 2011

The Mercy Of Allah

As we live in the world, there are many returns, that most of us have experienced such as: The return of missing Child or the finding of any thing precious, these are the moments of joy and happiness, but do we know what is the Greatest Return; the greatest return of all is, when a sinful person, who has disobeyed the sayings of Allah and continuous to sin in this world, sincerely decides to do ‘Tauba’ which literally means to return, to his creator the most merciful Allah, there can never be a happier moment in the world comparable to this.

Returns to Allah Ta’ala with sincerity brings the blessings and mercy, from the most powerful personality existing in the world. Due to his mercy, those  previously known as the Faasiq(sinner), are now known as the Habibullah(the beloved of Allah). Their crying and sobbing, when begging for forgiveness, is more closer to Allah Ta'ala, than the recitation of tasbeeh of those who are busy glorifying Allah Ta'ala.
This return is more rewarding, when a person asks for forgiveness, in the holy month of Ramadan, the object of the holly month, is to truly return to Allah by abstaining, from all sin, adopting good deeds and transforming your life style as the teachings of Islam The Qur'an-al-Kareem declares: “O you who believe, fasting has been made mandatory upon you, just as it was prescribed upon those before you, so that you may acquire taqwa (piety)” (S2:183). Taqwa in a simple terms is, giving up every sin and performing good deeds and living ones life as the saying of the Prophet. Taqwa cannot be acquired without sincere Tauba, to have Taqwa one should do sincere Touba and promise to not commit further sins.

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