Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ramadan and Unity

Islam is a complete region and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) told us how to live a peace full life in the world. There are two things, on which we as muslims, should emphasis and should get knowledge of; one is peace and other is unity, both of these things are clearly indicated in the teachings of Islam, when talking about Ramadan, we need to understand and study the rules of Ramadan, according to the hadith of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Abu Hurayrah ( radiyallaahu ’anhu ) related that the Prophet ( sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam ) said: "Fast when they fast, end the fast when they end theirs, and sacrifice the day that thy sacrifice. " [2]

Islamic scholars explained, this hadeeth by its sayings, Its meaning to fast and end the fast along with the Jamaa'ah and the majority of people." This hadeeth is a proof of the Prophet (pbuh) emphasizing on unity, in Ramadan and the celebrating of the EID festive, with all other muslims. This custom is very important in establishing the ’Eid festive, and that every individual,   who believes,in the revelence of this day, of ’Eid - based on the sighting of the moon. - It is then obligatory upon every muslim, to be in agreement with his or her fellow muslim and that the ruling of the people - concerning the Prayer, breaking the fast, and sacrificing - is binding upon that individual."

Another Islamic scholar, explained its meaning as It is said: In it is a refutation, of those scholars, whom say that whosoever, knows the positions of the moon sighting, is due to astronomical calculations, it is then permissible, for him to fast and end the fast, even if others do not know. It is also said: 'that the individual witness who sees the moon, but the qaadee (judge) has not accepted his testimony, and then there is no fasting for him, just as there is no fasting for the people." By the hadith and its meaning, which has been explained by different scholars, we can say that Islam is emphasizes on doing ‘MASHWARA’ or sitting together and solving the problem, this is how Ramadan the holy month, shows the unity in order to fast or to celebrate the Eid festive, which are the two most important occasions for Muslims.

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