Friday, July 29, 2011

2011 Ramadan Timing of Suhar and Iftar in Karachi

The holiest month of Ramadan is coming and is expected to start on 2nd of August 2011. All Muslims across the world are waiting for the holy month to get the blessings of Allah Almighty. The Timing of Suhar and Iftar in Karachi are stated below.

Ramadan-al-Mubarak 1432 AH (August-2011).

D   A   T   E                   Time UTC+5 (PST)

Universal/Gregorian/Solar         Islamic/Hijri/Lunar         Sehar Iftar
02-August-2011 (Tuesday)  01-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:34 AM 07:19 PM
03-August-2011 (Wednesday) 02-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:34 AM 07:18 PM
04-August-2011 (Thursday) 03-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:35 AM 07:18 PM
05-August-2011 (Friday) 04-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:36 AM 07:17 PM
06-August-2011 (Saturday) 05-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:36 AM 07:16 PM
07-August-2011 (Sunday)         06-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:37 AM 07:16 PM
08-August-2011 (Monday)  07-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:38 AM 07:15 PM
09-August-2011 (Tuesday)         08-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:38 AM 07:14 PM
10-August-2011 (Wednesday) 09-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:39 AM 07:13 PM
11-August-2011 (Thursday) 10-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:40 AM 07:13 PM
12-August-2011 (Friday) 11-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:40 AM 07:12 PM
13-August-2011 (Saturday) 12-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:41 AM 07:11 PM
14-August-2011 (Sunday)         13-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:42 AM 07:10 PM
15-August-2011 (Monday)         14-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:42 AM 07:09 PM   
16-August-2011 (Tuesday ) 15-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:43 AM 07:08 PM
17-August-2011 (Wednesday) 16-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:43 AM 07:08 PM
18-August-2011 (Thursday) 17-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:44 AM 07:07 PM
19-August-2011 (Friday) 18-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:45 AM 07:06 PM
20-August-2011 (Saturday) 19-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:45 AM 07:05 PM
21-August-2011 (Sunday)    20-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:46 AM 07:04 PM
22-August-2011 (Monday)  21-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:46 AM 07:03 PM
23-August-2011 (Tuesday)         22-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:47 AM 07:02 PM
24-August-2011 (Wednesday) 23-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:48 AM 07:01 PM
25-August-2011 (Thursday) 24-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:48 AM 07:00 PM
26-August-2011 (Friday) 25-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:49 AM 06:59 PM
27-August-2011 (Saturday) 26-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:49 AM 06:58 PM
28-August-2011 (Sunday)         27-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:50 AM 06:57 PM
29-August-2011 (Monday)         28-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:50 AM 06:56 PM
30-August-2011 (Tuesday)         29-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:51 AM 06:55 PM
31-August-2011 (Wednesday) 30-Ramadan-1432 AH    04:51 AM 06:54 PM

May you have healthy and peaceful Ramadan.


Naveeda Shaikh said...

Assalam u alaikum. Wishes of Ramdan Kareem.

Thanks for the timings. May you too have healthy and peaceful and full of blessing Ramdan Kareem. :)

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