Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Purpose of Fasting

There are some reason behind every deed of a person every work which a person does and there are two component behind it one is the purpose for which a work is done and the second thing is a particular shape of that work which is chosen to achieve that purpose for example, lets take ones food we eat because we want to live our life healthy there is a defined method of eating meal first you take a morsel and put it in to your mouth, then you masticate it and push it below the throat. This method was adpote by you because this is most effective method to achieve your object but we know that the mean thing was the purpose for which the food has taken and not the form and procedure of this action What will you say if anybody were to make a morsel of saw-dust or cinder or mud, put it in his mouth, chew and gulp it? You will say only this that his brain is out of order. Why? Because this idiot did not understand the real purpose of eating and is suffering form the misunderstanding that only the aforesaid four component acts constitute eating. Likewise, you will call that person also mad who soon after taking the food vomits it by thrusting his fingers into his throat then complains that the benefits said to accrue from taking food have not been availed of by him and that, contrarily, he is daily getting lean and is on the verge of death. This fool blames the food for his growing weakness little realizing that it is due to his own stupidity.

know same case which we discussed above apply it on our fasting if we think that by going to all these four process of eating we have obtain our purpose of eating and we should have the benefit of all eating irrespective of whether he pushed down in his stomach mud and stone, or vomited the bread soon after eating it. The big mistake which we do in the month of Ramadan is we obey all the orders of Allah we fats for a whole day we apply prayer at the time of prayer and then we think that we completed our responsibility and know we will get the benefit but have we ever think that only having fast and applying prayer is the only thing and the only purpose of Ramadan? If you have a little sense then tell me how a man who is fasting and is thus engaged in the ‘Ibadat’ of Allah from morning till evening, can in the midst of that ‘Ibadat’ utter a lie and indulge in backbiting? Why does he quarrel at the slightest pretext and utter abuses from his mouth? How dare he encroach on other people’s rights? How does he indulge in acquiring illicit money and giving money to others illicitly? And having done all these thing, he still thinks that he has performed ‘Ibadat’ of Allah? Does this not resemble the work of that person who eats cinder and mud and thinks that by merely completing the four requirements of eating he has actually done the job of eating.Again Freedom From Restrictions After Ramadan.

we have to understand the real aim of fasting and by the grace of Allah his messenger has pointed out real aims of fasting according to one hadith of prophet (pbuh) "Whoever did not give up lying and practicing falsehood, Allah is in no need of his giving up food and water". In another Hadith he said : "Many are the fasters whose fasting does not bring them anything except hunger and thirst and many are those who keep standing in the night but their standing does not bring anything except being awake in the night". To understand the real purpose and aim of fasting we have to understand the hadith of prophet (pbuh) and live our life with the teaching of Islam.

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