Friday, July 29, 2011

Ramadan Timing of Suhar and Iftar in Quetta 2011

Ramadan is the month of mercy, Allah said in holy Quran ‘O Believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you so that you may become pious.’ Its mean fasting is a mandatory action for all adults Muslims across the world in the month of Ramadan. The suhar and iftar timing in Quetta city are stated below.
Sehar-o-Iftar Timings Quetta, Pakistan
Ramadan-al-Mubarak 1432 AH (August-2011)
D   A   T   E                                              Time UTC+5 (PST)
Universal/Gregorian/Solar                     Islamic/Hijri/Lunar                 Sehar              Iftar
02-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     01-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:19 AM                07:28 PM
03-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 02-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:20 AM                07:27 PM
04-August-2011 (Thursday)                    03-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:21 AM                07:26 PM
05-August-2011 (Friday)                     04-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:21 AM                07:25 PM
06-August-2011 (Saturday)                     05-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:22 AM                 07:24 PM
07-August-2011 (Sunday)                       06-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:23 AM                 07:23 PM
08-August-2011 (Monday)                     07-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:24 AM                 07:23 PM
09-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     08-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:25 AM                 07:22 PM
10-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 09-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:26 AM                07:21 PM
11-August-2011 (Thursday)                    10-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:27 AM                07:20 PM
12-August-2011 (Friday)                     11-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:28 AM               07:19 PM
13-August-2011 (Saturday)                     12-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:28 AM                07:18 PM
14-August-2011 (Sunday)                       13-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:29 AM                07:17 PM
15-August-2011 (Monday)                     14-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:30 AM                07:16 PM
16-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     15-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:31 AM                07:15 PM
17-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 16-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:32 AM               07:14 PM
18-August-2011 (Thursday)                    17-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:33 AM               07:13 PM
19-August-2011 (Friday)                     18-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:33 AM              07:12 PM
20-August-2011 (Saturday)                     19-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:34 AM               07:11 PM
21-August-2011 (Sunday)                       20-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:35 AM               07:10 PM
22-August-2011 (Monday)                      21-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:36 AM              07:09 PM
23-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     22-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:37 AM               07:08 PM
24-August-2011 (Wednesday)                 23-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:37 AM               07:06 PM
25-August-2011 (Thursday)                    24-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:38 AM               07:05 PM
26-August-2011 (Friday)                      25-Ramadan-1432 AH           04:39 AM             07:04 PM
27-August-2011 (Saturday)                     26-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:40 AM               07:03 PM
28-August-2011 (Sunday)                       27-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:40 AM               07:02 PM
29-August-2011 (Monday)                     28-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:41 AM               07:01 PM
30-August-2011 (Tuesday)                     29-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:42 AM               06:59 PM
31-August-2011 (Wednesday)                30-Ramadan-1432 AH             04:43 AM               06:58 PM

May Allah give us strength to worship Allah Almighty in the holy month of Ramadan.


Saifullah said...

Ramadan 2011 will either fall on Sunday 31st of July or Monday 1st of August 2011, this is dependant upon the sighting of the new moon. This is a very useful Ramadan 2011 site

Anonymous said...

Here is a ramadhan routine I stumbled across online, looks very helpful by ustadha Bint Ahmad