Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ramadan and Other Religions

Ramadan is most common in most of the religions but it is given in different names. In Hinduism the culture strictly ask to fast for the forgiveness of sins, so does Christianity and so does Sikhism. All these and many more religion do ask to fast as for fasting does a biological benefit to a person. By fasting one can have good diaphragm breathing and would also have a glowing face which is noticeably there in the holy month of Ramadan.

There having been conflicting and contradictory issues that have been raised by terminologies and the makers of it too but then again it resolves it all by having a peaceful environment and knowing that it is all about prasing The Holy One in this entire month.

Many of the religions do even contribute towards Ramadan by adding up their positive views to it and by knowing the worth of this major religious event. There is an enormous space given by most of the religions to Ramadan by helping them in fasting and being productive by having a good feed back to them so that it may remain as a mark of cordial relation among them.

Ramadan comes from the religion of peace which then is a peaceful religion itself so never has a conscience to harm someone or provoke someone to an illegitimate act around the globe which in itself is a great honor for the rest of the religions because it promotes peace and tranquility to the entire world to assure humanity is an important essence of Islam which is promoted through Ramadan.

Having an overview of all the religions Ramadan is the key to success because through fasting perseverance comes which is required the most for today’s world. All the religions believe in fasting (RAMADAN) which is then again a common ground for all of them and help promotes this cause which brings man more closer to God and makes him more pious.

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