Friday, May 20, 2011


Different civilizations have different ways to cater Ramadan some do it according to their cast some according to their culture and some according to their own personal will. But Ramadan is catered well but in many different ways. People in the west do it by all means of social work; in the east they do it by celebration. If u has an overview on both the west and the east side they are contrary to each other. Not only for Ramadan but for every little thing. That‘s what makes Ramadan more different from the West to the East.

In the West the entire ambiance of charity and welfare has been build for many years which then affects the moral character of a being and inspires him to do something beneficial in terms of his race cast culture or creed. West was once known as the Wild Wild West……. They had simply nothing else to do than hunting Red Indians and making merry. But then later the west made such a move that the world heads down made space for them. Know that we talk about the Holy month of Ramadan it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the influential Muslims living in the West do a lot more charity to help build their society and especially in month of Ramadan which is done by the Muslims living there. People in the west form education to food and clothing are concerned about them and not only that but also make sure the donation makes Allah happy for they work for his people. Yes it would not be wrong to state that the Ramadan is to do pious deeds which the west proudly does.

Talk about the eastern side it’s now coming up like China and Dubai. The East is not anywhere far in putting up charity work in the Holy month of Ramadan. But still there some places in the east where this culture is not fully implemented. Places where feudal lord’s reign and where human are treated worse than animals. The month of Ramadan in every posh area is celebrated with great love and energy in the East but when it comes to the rural areas no one even gives it a look. Either they have food for Sehri or Iftar or the children playing on the roads and lanes their eyes shines for something new in front of their parents. These are a Big question to be answered, whether what way do we follow the command of Ramadan and can we help them….

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