Friday, May 20, 2011

Outcome of Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is more like a blessing not only to a Muslim but also to non-Muslim. People do realize that a man who is fasting is more of a serious kind of a person and does good and not evil. Ramadan brings out the best from a man and the worse. This is what makes it so essential for every Muslim to fast and pray. People while traveling keep praying listen to HOLY PROPHETS saying and keep rejoicing in Allah and his spirit. A man becomes more pious and closer to Allah and his commandments too.

The outcome of Ramadan is that people tend to learn patience and perseverance. Patience is said to be the mother of virtue and perseverance comes from patience only. The exercise of Ramadan is helpful for every Muslim to stay in one with all his Muslim brother and sisters and portray and living example of Fraternity and Unity. The idea of all Muslims fasting together in itself is a master plan by Allah for his beings to fell unified and equal because in the eyes of Allah all human beings are equal and no one is above or beneath.

Non-Muslims also know consider this month as a month of peace and tranquility among the world and very soon it would be a mark of global peace too. In one’s day to day dealing and transactions we do realize that the month of Ramadan brings a hold in one’s life and one would want to start and execute his or her work in a proper manner for as he or she is more conscience of the Holy month of Ramadan. This know brings a great peace and hope things getting better as we all know that the world is coming to an end and nothing can get more better but would get worse but the way we fast and keep the commandment of Ramadan we can definitely execute what we have started according to Allah’s will and manner.

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