Tuesday, August 24, 2010

serene light..

ramadan is in full swing here in my town of yaffo (israel) as well.. the mosque near my house recently changed the guy that calls for prayer.. the new guy has a great voice and his melody is really beautiful.. i may not be muslim but i like how the call dances through the air each time.. you can tell this new guy is trying.. not as many ramadan lights are up as there were in past years - or at least it seems that way to me.. still last night walking past the mosque i appreciated the serenity radiating out of this solitary light.. the surrounds are being renovated by the council and so the streetscape is a bit hectic.. but the people kneeling inside seemed so calm..

as per previous years - i anticipate joining the massive yaffo iftar at the arab jewish community centre.. hopefully ill have some cool photos and videos..

wishing us all a nice day..

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