Friday, August 13, 2010

Flood victims desperately awaiting aid as Ramazan begins

Hundreds of thousands of flood victims are desperately awaiting relief as first day of this year’s holy month of Ramadan dawned across the country on Thursday.

The flood water, after inundating most of the Kutcha area in interior Sindh, is now making its way towards the cities while a heavy flood is being feared to pass from Chenab River at Head Khanki in the next few hours.

These people are homeless, have lost every thing and are sick, hungry and looking for help. Please help them in whatever way you can this Ramadan.

We had previously written a detailed post appealing for help for the flood victims of Pakistan you will find contact information for Organization which are there but could use your help. Open your Hearts this Ramadan and help these people in whatever way you can.

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Musafir said...

In this holy month of Ramadan, our hearts go out to the suffering and struggles of the flood affected people.
Our prayers shall be with you.
May Allah grant you peace and relief.