Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mass jaffan yiftar..

what a shame.. seriously.. i could only stick around for a short while.. an hour and then i had to go to see a dr.. last time i came to the iftar at the arab & jewish community centre in yaffo was two years ago.. its invitation only.. this year i went along with a friend after being cordially invited.. i was flattered and excited.. a room full of hundreds of people.. many from NGOs or schools or community groups.. it was beautiful..

the food was plentiful and abulafia - a local historic baking institution - sponsored the event.. it was attended by the mayor of telaviv ron huldai and a member of knesset (israeli parliament) fouad.. both spoke fluidly about all sorts of big stuff like co-existance and peace and the impending negotiations between israel and the palestinian authority.. bla bla..

for the most part - the most awesome aspect - was just sitting together at tables with pepole who had never met each other before yet share the same community.. suddenly discovering close connections new and old.. smiling warmly and realising that we are a family.. we do share the space and we love that space..

it was just a meal.. and for me just a short meal.. but one of those cherished experiences that inspire you to believe that peace amongst people is possible and even more than that - peace is desirable.. its not a compromise.. its an elation..

ramadan kareem to all.. and shukran ramadan for the opportunity to draw hearts closer together..

for a full collection of photos and comments from the night you can go to a local article about it..

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