Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ramadan Pakistan

Assalam alaikum...sorry for posting a bit late as it was the second day of fasting here in Pakistan today; but it's only been due to a start of the fasting month amidst a strong flu and a high fever!!

Like every other place, people here are so very hopeful of the tidings that the holy month brings with itself. However, the start of the fasting season was mired again by sullen terrorism - related incidents that've shook this country. The first, on the eve of the holy month, when seven persons including six students were shot down in a brutal manner infront of the University of Karachi; another incident in which around twenty Special Services Group members of the Pakistan Army were martyred in a suicide bombing, up north; and another today in which a renown religious scholar was shot dead in Peshawar. So one gets a fair idea of what the mood would have been in this country.

It's so saddening to know that when all evil is supposed to be shunned and in times when the Greatest of Allah's blessings are guaranteed upon the slightest of pretext, we humans choose to be so lowly.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Welcome Syed! I am sorry to hear about teh sad developments but pray for a peaceful and blessed continued month and year inshallah. Stay safe!

Boo! said...

Sibghatullah, hope your flu and fever are gone by now!

It is highly unfortunate how things have developed over the last half-a-decade in Pakistan... actually, not just in Pakistan, but over vast areas of the Muslim world where people have taken religion into their own hands and moulded it to their interest. Killings, at any time, are despicable... even more so during such a holy month.

One hopes that sanity will return soon, and people can celebrate Ramadan (and the rest of the year) like they are supposed to... with gratidude and prayer, not fear.

Have a blesses month.