Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God has 99 names in Djibouti too

Ramadan is, without exaggeration, the single most important event in a Muslim's annual life (apart from the pilgrimage to Mecca). And for centuries it has been expressed in different ways through poetry, song and art. Although the Muslim World is by far in unity on issues such as music or no music, instruments or no instruments, Muslims themselves continue with the legacy they were left with by their forefathers, whatever that may be.

In Ramadan 2005, Dandawi, a group of somali male and female singers from Djibouti, performed the song Asma u Xusna (Asmaa ul Husna), a song which is traditionally sung by Muslims all over the world to different melodies. It is about God's 99 names mentioned in the Quran among them being Allah (The Lord/God), Al Rahman (The All Merciful), Al Raheem (The All Compassionate), Al Salaam (The source of Peace). In the songs you will always hear the word Ya sung before God's names as a sign of affection and invocation.

Other songs by Dandawi on YouTube: Nabi Awaan, Alahu ya alahu


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