Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan Kareem Everyone!

Sweden will start fasting today but I hear that Pakistan and India are starting on the 14th according to fellow bloggers Destitute Rebel who is in Pakistan as we speak and Abrahim who will post from India.

We wish everyone a blessed Ramadan and hope that we can all find blessings and warmth on this forum or, as I like to call it, online Iftaar! May God accept our fasts and efforts in this Holy Month, Amen.

To our Jewish brothers and sisters (including fellow blogger Lirun who is touring the world surfing) who are celebrating their Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana), we wish you all peace.


Yosra said...

Ramadan Kareem!

Ameen to your du'a.

Mia said...

Online Iftaar! What a great idea! Too bad you don't have an online chat room linked to the blog.. that would be awesome!

I was in Egypt last year for Ramadan.. such wonderful memories!

CK said...

Ramadan Kareem :)

We had to pass on our first iftar invite this evening due to unexpected work commitments. But we'll be running around the Emirates from tomorrow evening. That'll be fun :)

Amnon Lee Israeli said...

Ramadan kareem and shana tova to all of you .
may peace and allha bless u all
Amnon Lee

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Yosra welcome!

Mia glad to have you with us :) Well I wish I was more tech savvy and could arrange such a chat-room, but usually the comment section has been an OK alternative so bear with us :) Egypt in Ramadan must have been amazing!

Thank you CK :) Ahh I miss the UAE. Would love to spend Ramadan there. Do send us your photos!

Amnon Thank you and shana tova! :)

Lirun said...

hey shasha

i love you - you legend..

had the awesome experience of being in morocco over rosh hashana and visiting ancient synagogues there at the same time as watching preparations for ramadan and of course surfing!!!

morocco was awesome..

inshalla ill be home tomorrow and ill be all set to blog away..

wishing everyone the best wishes for this wonderfully shared season.. may it bring us peace salam shalom and leave us clean and clear headed for a fantastic year ahead..

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hiya Lirun! Amen to that!

That must have been amazing! My moroccan friend has told me all about the moroccan jews he grew up with and the synagogues. I would love to see it myself one day. Meanwhile we are longing for your posts and pictures. Safe travels home inshallah!