Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging Ramadan

The Ramadan Kareem blog had its start about 2 years back on a friday the 22nd of september 2006, It was based on an Idea by fellow bloggers who wanted to come together and have a common meeting place where they could share ideas, recipies and experiences from around the world about Ramadan. This was one of the first Ramadan Kareem related blogs where many people from different geographic locations and faiths came together to form a vibrant and harmonious community. I can proudly say that we have come a long way from our humble start and have come together in the way that we had imagined. Along the way we have gained more bloggers from around the world who share in our quest to educate the world about Islam in general and Ramadan in particular. We not only have muslim bloggers who are sharing their faith with the world but we have bloggers from other faiths who teach and learn at the Ramadan Kareem blog. This blog has been both entertaining and educational for all of us and we hope to continue on our mission in spreading the blessings of ramadan to everyone. This would not have been possible without the collabaration of the numerous bloggers who have participated actively by contributing and commenting on posts. I would also like to thank the visitors of this site who keep coming back and appreciate and encourage us to do what we have been doing.

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