Saturday, October 06, 2007

UNICEF's Ramadan Campaign

Together with Queen Rania of Jordan, UNICEF urges people across the world to give of their wealth to the children of Darfur, Palestine, Iraq and many more places where children are denied the basics of life like security, water and schooling.

We have put up a long list of links on our side-bar where you can donate your Zakat for this year, as well as any other charitable giving you wish to do this month.

As Ramadan prepares for its departure, and we are all still alive to make the most of it, lets all try up our efforts at giving of what we have in abundance.

*Picture taken in July 2006 of children on the Sun Pyramid in Visoko, Bosnia.

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Anonymous said...

The holy month of Ramadan unites all Muslims in fasting, feasting, worship and prayer.celebrates the divine revelation of the Koran to Prophet Muhammad. It is a time for contemplation, spirituality and brotherhood. On this holy occasion reach out to your friends, family, associates, acquaintances with warm wishes and inspiring thoughts.

Wishing you a happy RAMDAN...