Monday, October 15, 2007

See you next year!

Thank you dear Ramadan Writers and Readers for joining this year's Ramadan Online Iftaar. It's been a pleasure and we are glad to see that a lot of people have found our links resources very useful and if that has been the reason for coming here we are very happy to be of help.

This blog is a living room in cyberspace where whoever wishes to speak can speak, sing, write, present food or any other thought relating to the experience of fasting and spirituality. We will be back next Ramadan 2008, God willing and hope that we see you all then.

May God accept all our efforts to be the best we can be, and make the world the best it can be. To create, if only one garden from heaven, on earth, before we leave to make the Journey of all journeys.

Hope your Eid has been blessed and we wish you all many more happy days to follow, Amin.